The Miracle Meeting Place

Where we expect miracles,
so miracles happen.

This online program and community is a place for freedom-loving spiritual adventurers to gather and learn.

Created and hosted by spiritual teacher Maureen Whitehouse, the Miracle Meeting Place is here to support, inspire and mobilize soul-seekers from around the world.

Members get exclusive access to:

Live, bi-monthly meetings with Maureen, each one focused on a unique aspect of miraculous living. Meetings include an extended lecture, guided meditations and live Q&A.
Hundreds of archived meetings to view anytime, on-demand.
A "member's lounge" full of inspiring multimedia content.
Most important of all, a community of like-minded people who are as dedicated to their soul's evolution as you are. 

All accessible from the comfort of your home.

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Here’s what some of the awesome members of our community have to say about the Miracle Meeting Place...

Maureen exudes love, acceptance, authenticity and optimism. I felt this from our first meeting... I have had enough experience with so-called spiritual teachers, guides, and therapists to know that she was in another league entirely. I was at rock bottom and knew I needed to take a chance on someone who offered a different approach.  

Maureen 'meets you' at your level and does not force her belief system. She is more interested in getting you to look within, and guiding you from there. She gets down to the nitty-gritty and provides the tools needed to transcend both practical problems and those originating from existential angst.  

- Chris M.

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What Maureen offers is nothing short of life changing. A new way of thinking, a new vision. The only requirement is wanting to see things differently - to recognize that there must be a better way. Maureen helped us to open the door to our hearts and let Love in. Expect miracles!

- Tim & Kathy M.

Each meeting with Maureen is incredibly enlightening! Divinely inspired, she has the supreme ability to slice through the fog, and teach you to do the same. Now my joy is even more profound because it is reinforced with awareness, and grounded in truth.  

I’m calm and confident. My purpose is clear. 

- Joanne C.  

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