Miracle Matrixing

The archived teachings below all fall under the category of Miracle Matrixing, the second step in awakening to a miraculous life. Once you realize that miracles are everywhere present, it is imperative for you to Embody all you know to be true.  Here you will learn to matrix the miraculous as you take spiritual truths from conceptual to real-life lived experience.  Such congruency in all areas of your life deepens your connection with yourself and others and allows you to manifest your authentic goals more quickly and elegantly.

Miraculous Relationships

We all have relationships that are important to us. Friends, family, familiar faces - they all contribute to the fabric of our lives. You even form relationships with people you don't know, in fleeting interactions and small exchanges day to day. Our relationships with others are a constant fact of life on Earth.

The question is, do you feel fulfilled and enriched on every level by your relationships? Even the fleeting ones? During this Miracle Meeting Place event you will learn:

  • The nature of a Miraculous Relationship.
  • What it means to join with another person on the level of spirit.
  • Specific ways to foster more positive, mutually fulfilling relationships with parents, partners, children, friends, coworkers, employees or employers. 
  • How to cultivate relationships in which you evolve personally and share soul-full experiences with others.
  • Your greatest ally in cultivating deep, powerful and miraculous relationships.

At best our relationships are laboratories of the Divine. It’s where we show up to transform separation and fear into love and connectivity. Join Maureen to discover the key to Miraculous Relationships!

Miraculous Relationships

Free to Be Me!

One of the most important principles of life is freedom, and yet so few of us experience true freedom. True freedom comes from experiential knowledge of our True Nature, which is already free. It is the ability to make choices that feel uniquely fulfilling to you, without being held back by negative beliefs and conditioned responses.

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering you will:

  • Understand why your own thoughts and beliefs can be the strongest shackles.
  • Discover how to break free from all the limiting beliefs that bind you.
  • Learn 5 Ways to tap your True Nature to feel entirely free and at one with all of creation.
  • Discover how to overcome the one, greatest fear we all have and experience ultimate liberation.

You can live life entirely free, discovering your wildest dreams and creating miraculous experiences over and over again. Join Maureen to learn how!

Free to Be Me!

Cultivating Miraculous Abilities
and Psychic Powers

There are "psychic" powers that are clearly in alignment with the principles of A Course in Miracles. You deserve to be aware of and experience them!

This talk is for you if:

  • You experience strong hits of intuition.
  • You often experience synchronicities, big or small, that just don't feel like a coincidence anymore.
  • You have hints of "psychic" abilities that you would like to understand and advance
  • You believe you would benefit from becoming more intuitive in your life, or by honing "psychic" abilities 
  • You're not sure what it means to be intuitive or "psychic", but you're curious!

As miracle workers, we are not confined to the limited range of "channels" that the world recognizes. Anyone can expand their power to perceive beyond - including you.

Cultivating Miraculous Abilities and Psychic Powers

Mystics and Miracles: Part 1 

It is possible to be in the world but not of it, but that takes a certain mindset - that of a mystic.

Being a mystic is not at all crazy or scary, as some people believe. Most all mystics who have walked the earth consider themselves to be perfectly normal people. In fact, many of them do not even think of themselves as mystics at all, rather they've just felt deeply connected to "something more".

A prevalent teaching of the mystics is that there should be a conscious courting of the Divine Presence. This is not only a state of deliberate receptivity, but a balanced one. During our time together in this two-part Miracle Meeting Place gathering, you will tangibly touch what it feels like to embody the life of a mystic. And own that as a blessed way of being for yourself. 

Mystics and Miracles: Part 1

Mystics and Miracles: Part 2

It is possible to be in the world but not of it, but that takes a certain mindset - that of a mystic.

Being a mystic is not at all crazy or scary, as some people believe. Most all mystics who have walked the earth consider themselves to be perfectly normal people. In fact, many of them do not even think of themselves as mystics at all, rather they've just felt deeply connected to "something more".

A prevalent teaching of the mystics is that there should be a conscious courting of the Divine Presence. This is not only a state of deliberate receptivity, but a balanced one. During our time together in this two-part Miracle Meeting Place gathering, you will tangibly touch what it feels like to embody the life of a mystic. And own that as a blessed way of being for yourself. 

Mystics and Miracles: Part 2

True Freedom

Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness

When our life is a reflection of our inner state of Being, we discover an immense reservoir of power within us. This power gives us freedom from fear and limitations, allowing us to realize all of the good things in life we aspire to. We find ourselves becoming beacons of Light and Love and our very Presence nurtures the environment around us.

A Course in Miracles states, "The world awaits the freedom you will give, when you have recognized that YOU are free."

Join Maureen for this refreshing and ultra-liberating take on freedom.

True Freedom

The Ultimate Fullness

This Miracle Meeting Place event offers a life-altering perspective on the attainment of the Ultimate Fullness.

When we understand our True Nature and learn to live in harmony with natural law, a sense of well-being, good health, fulfilling relationships and material abundance springs forth into our lives. Suddenly, we feel full to over-flowing!

Join Maureen as she imparts simple yet powerful principles that can easily be applied to create a feeling of satisfied fullness in all areas of your life.

The Ultimate Fullness

How to Transcend Time 

It's common to refer to time as a finite commodity. We often hear phrases like, "I'm short on time", “I'm running out of time", "I lost track of time" or "there never seems to be enough hours in the day". We live in a world plagued by "time sickness" or the experience of feeling so rushed and pressured that we become vulnerable to stress.

But what if, instead, we were to view time as a psychological event?

During this gathering we will expose the two ways of managing time: An external approach, which forces us to view time as if it were an hour glass running out, and the more liberating internal approach that allows us to use time to our benefit.

Every successful person has learned how to have a copacetic relationship with time. Miraculous people, however, know how to transcend time entirely! So sit back, relax, breathe deeper and  enjoy this timeless Miracle Meeting Place experience.

How to Transcend Time

How to Access and Maintain Perpetual Joy

Everyone desires happiness. In fact everything we do, we do because we think we'll ultimately be happier for it. Yet so many people have a hard time believing that they deserve happiness - and so it remains elusive to them. They have no idea that it's them keeping happiness at arm's length!

Still more evasive is lasting happiness. A sense of joy that can never be taken away. Yes, you deserve happiness and, not only that, you deserve a joy that lasts forever! In this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, Maureen offers the key to uncovering lasting happiness and joy, even if you've never felt that before.

How to Access and Maintain Perpetual Joy

The Mystical Message of Water

The symbolism of water is as vast as the oceans. Not only does it represent change, nourishment, fertility and an undertone of purity, but it's also synonymous with being in the flow of grace. For this reason, water holds great symbolic significance in spiritual traditions.

A new relationship to water can effect your spiritual path in delightful and astounding ways. From liquid, to solid, to vapor - it is the utmost symbol of metamorphosis and philosophical renewal. Join Maureen in this Miracle Meeting Place gather for a fascinating look at The Mystical Message of Water.

The Mystical Message of Water

Being In the Flow

In the lyrics of his song "Beautiful Boy" John Lennon wrote: "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." All of us can relate.

But what if  you could live right at the heartbeat of life? At the very pulse of creation, experiencing the dynamic balance between your invisible and visible world? This is the way life is truly meant to be lived.

At a time when it feels as though things are changing faster than you can possibly keep up with (whether it’s relationships, technology or politics), you may feel tempted to grab onto that fast moving train...But there is so much more to life than that! During this Miracle Meeting Place event, learn how to fall directly in line with the current of ease and Truth within you where the miraculous is continuously in evidence.

Being In the Flow

Accessing the Miraculous in Tumultuous Times

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, raging wild fires. Social upheaval, collective anguish and anger. We are facing challenges globally, and it has so many of us feeling disheartened. You probably know someone who feels hopeless, fearful and just plain exhausted by our world events - perhaps that someone is you.

Take heart! It is possible to see all of this through the eyes of the Divine, with a perception that is so radically liberating that it is nothing short of miraculous! Join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place event to cultivate that miraculous perception for yourself.

Accessing the Miraculous in Tumultuous Times

You Are the Gift!

As you navigate your way through the end of the year and the holiday season, one of the things on your mind might be how and where to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. This might evoke feelings of warmth and gratitude and fill you with holiday cheer. Or maybe it sparks panic, as you realize that you've waited until the last minute and now, with multiple things still on your holiday to-do list, you're running out of time...

Whichever scenario best describes you, imagine how your experience would change if, in the thick of holiday preparation, you remembered that you are the gift!

Join us for this Miracle Meeting Place event as we explore Christ Consciousness and how you can embody it fully. You already have the most perfect gift you could ever offer!

You are the Gift!

Creating Your Best Life Now

There is a vast difference between creating and making things happen. In order to create your best life, there are some fundamental Truths you must be aware of. If you are ready now to live your best life, free of cumbersome rules, excess work, tedious tasks and burdensome obligations, then you want to tune into this Miracle Meeting Place event!

Together we will learn:

  • That making and creating are dramatically different approaches to life.
  • How to reach your true creative potential. 
  • 5 easy steps to cultivating creativity that can liberate you for life.
  • How to banish long-standing drama from your life.
  • Tapping genius - an innate quality of your True Self.
Creating Your Best Life Now
The Inner Womb of Silence
Birthing the Christ Within

Silence is everywhere, even in all the noise that surrounds us. It’s here now, in this very moment. Perhaps you feel like silence can be difficult to find, especially in the midst of busy and stressful times. But the reality is, you don't need to find silence - you only need to pay attention to what's already here.

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, we enjoy an especially impactful meditation experience and explore a technique that will allow you to instantaneously bask in silent Grace.  We also touch upon 5 impactful yet supremely simple ways to tap into your silent core.

When you anchor yourself in silence you will move with its rhythm, a steady flow beyond compare.

"Be Still and Know I Am."

The Inner Womb of Silence

Facing Fear to Find Love

What are you most afraid of?

Facing fear head-on may not be easy, but it's the key to living a liberated life. So let's bravely look fear straight in the eye to see exactly what it's made of...and reclaim its power for ourselves.

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, Maureen guides us through a powerful meditation and exercise that will help us unlock all of the life-giving energy inherent in our own fears. Together we can transcend them and clear a brand new pathway toward unconditional LOVE.

Facing Fear to Find Love

Your Bliss Body

A healthy child naturally loves their body, and rarely thinks about it. It's merely the vehicle that takes them from place to place to have fun. But as children grow into adulthood, that relationship often changes... as is evidenced by the billions of dollars spent each year on procedures, cosmetics and medicines for unwell bodies.

Far too many people see their bodies as unsatisfactory or even burdensome. We feel that we can't trust our bodies because they get unexpectedly sick, they deteriorate over time and eventually they will die. Let's face it, it can be a scary proposition to be in a body.

It's time for us to completely reinvent our bodies, transforming them from a material object to a dynamic concentration of energy and awareness. With this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, we will learn to think about our bodies as unbounded channels through which the power of the universe flows. 

Your Bliss Body

A Divine Love Affair

Have you ever fallen in love? What did that feel like?

A Divine Love Affair can change your life as it invites spirit to work its wonders on the most richly complex terrain of all: our human heart. That place of love, compassion, empathy, and humility that connects us physically, emotionally and spiritually with others. It's inspiring when that flame is ignited!

In this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, you will learn how to be tuned in and turned on to Greater Love, both human and Divine. We will ask and answer poignant questions on topics like:

  • Sacred Sexuality - Mixing Souls
  • Sexual Liberation for Men and Women
  • Orgasmic Connection to Source
  • What is a match made in Heaven?
  • How to be in love all of the time

Join this insightful talk and explore your own relationships, life, love and sexuality in a whole new way.

A Divine Love Affair

Saints Alive! 

The Art of Being an Everyday Saint

A Course in Miracles makes it very clear that you are "the light of the world".

It states: "True humility requires that you accept [this] idea because it is God’s Voice which tells you it is true. This is a beginning step in accepting your real function on earth."

Accepting this role is one of the only ways to be congruent with God's Will for you. It isn't self-glorification, but in fact the most humble stance you can take and indeed the most saintly.

In this Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen clarifies and demystifies what being a saint really means. She talks about:

  • How to be an "everyday saint"
  • How to experience bliss and ecstasy as your modus operandi
  • Exactly how to give and receive to sustain your sainthood
  • The necessary steps to move from a belief in God, to faith in God, to trust in God, to knowing God - the way all true saints do!

As is stated in A Course in Miracles, "Here [in the world] does the Son of God ask not too much, but far too little." It's time to claim your sainthood!

Saints Alive!

GoOD Morning!

How to Co-create a Perfectly Divine Day 

Millions of people reluctantly wake up each morning. Groggy and exhausted, they rush through their morning routine and cram as many tasks as they can into the shortest period of time. But you deserve so much more from your mornings - and you can have more!

In this talk Maureen shares practical, easy ways for you to rethink and restructure your morning so that everyday comes closer and closer to your ideal. Do you want to feel peaceful? Joyful? Excited? In control of the day ahead? Perhaps you'd like to fit in meditation, a good stretch, journaling, setting intentions and visualizing how you'd like your day to unfold...

If that's doesn't sound like your norm, you owe it to yourself to make a change! And Maureen makes it doable with this Miracle Meeting Place gathering.

GoOD Morning! How to Co-Create a Perfectly Divine Day

Instant Karma!

The Bhagvad Gita says,"the course of Karma is unfathomable." But Maureen argues that it is possible for you to navigate this abstract field with assurance and clarity. It is even possible for you to be free of Karma - free of all the negative influences of your past as well as those of your family, religion, race, nationality and more.

In the realm of Spirit, there is only NOW. Join this unique Miracle Meeting Place event and you will discover:

  • Exactly what Karma is.
  • How to shift your mind about Karma and use it to your best advantage.
  • How to overcome knee-jerk, conditioned responses and patterns of behavior.
  • How not to take on other people's Karma.
  • How to instantly let go of unwanted Karmic memories and desires, so you are no longer held under their influence.
Instant Karma!

Happy, Healthy Holidays

The holidays present opportunities to experience not only joy and celebration, but challenges as well. Higher levels of consumerism, equally high credit card bills, societal pressures, your family's expectations, and perhaps negative memories of holidays past can make it difficult to navigate this time of year. Fortunately, you can bypass all that holiday stress and head directly into a season full of spirit.

A happy, healthy and especially miraculous holiday season means cultivating your own holiday spirit - one that feels entirely authentic to you. During this Miracle Meeting Place event we will explore: 

  • How to find deep meaning and contentment amidst the potential stress of the holidays.
  • 7 key strategies for a happy, healthy holiday season.
  • The most effective ways to bring peace to any scenario.
  • Tapping True Spirit - the art of appreciating things while they are happening
  • The one shift that will make all the difference in your holiday experience.

This year, let the holidays be a profound path to a miraculous awakening.

Healthy, Happy Holidays

New Beginnings: Living a Limitless Life!

2020 has arrived and we've turned a page on a decade!

Looking back, there were probably times when you felt stuck or unfulfilled in the last 10 years. Maybe you felt limited or frustrated by everyday routines that never seemed to change, no matter how optimistic you tried to be. You probably attained happiness too, but not without sometimes thinking "there has to be more than this".

There's a reason for all that. Instead of awakening to a completely different experience of life, where unity and wonder rule every day, most of us choose to try harder, do better and make more sense of the life we've got. The ego chides us into feeling that awakening is for someone else - not for us - and that living a "relatively happy life" is as good as it gets.

In this Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen shares how to break free from those limitations to reinvent your life entirely. Living an unlimited life should be natural and effortless to you! It's time to tap your potential and know you are Divine.

New Beginnings: Living a Limitless Life

We Rise!

The Miracle Continues

The times we are living in today are unprecedented. It isn't typical that humans around the world face the same challenge collectively - but that's exactly what's happening when it comes to  climate change, pollution, natural disasters and the world-wide spread of disease. It's become obvious that we are connected by so much more than the internet or social media.

These threats to human life are overwhelming to consider, but notice this: no matter how ominous the circumstance we face as a human race are, everyday life dictates that we continue to make choices and take actions individually that enable us all to carry on in the midst of those challenges.

This Miracle Meeting Place discussion highlights exactly how to show up for your own good and the good of everyone, whenever a challenge should arise. Some of the topics Maureen touches upon are:

  • The most miraculous way to practice Self-care.
  • How to enhance Self-awareness.
  • Promoting healthy behaviors
  • How to rise above it all and remain peacefully centered with in it, all at the same time.
  • Healing meditations and practices for tumultuous times.
We Rise! The Miracle Continues

The Power of Play

In this era of COVID-19, we have been called to selflessly give up many of the things that made us feel connected to joy on planet earth. Parties, traveling, live music, theatre and sporting events to name a few. So as we create this deliberate spaciousness, it's important to fill that space with alternative experiences that equally delight us.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen dives into the many ways we can invite authentic fun and play into our lives. There is no time like the present to liberate the inherent joy within us, and explore the power of play!

By playfully participating in Authentic Fun (no matter who you are, or how serious you believe your life is!) you can learn to:

  • Share on a deeper level
  • Be fully present and engaged in the moment
  • Experience awe, wonder and delight
  • Explore endless possibilities
  • Free yourself from self-consciousness and external judgments
  • Unleash your creative and imaginative spirit
  • Connect with others in the heart space
  • Have a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself


The Power of Play

March to Freedom

I Am is not only an Ultimate statement of Consciousness, it is a statement of Ultimate Freedom. But how do we get there?

In 2020, as people across the US and around the world protested for human rights, we were more aware than ever that we all desire and deserve to live in a state of Absolute Freedom. There were no longer any excuses to leave anyone out or behind.

But even when we manage to free ourselves from the aspects of life we don't like, we still don't find complete freedom. That's because true freedom isn't about escaping - it is a movement toward a powerful and tangible embrace. It's about creating an entirely new situation that is free of stifling limitations and limiting beliefs.

This is a life-changing Miracle Meeting Place event in which we explore:

  • How the Black Lives Matter movement is an unprecedented opportunity for planetary, spiritual evolution.
  • "Give to Receive" as a way to custom design a future that is specifically fulfilling for you and good for the world.
  • The great breakthroughs and innovations that follow once you've achieved "freedom from..."
  • How to switch gears in order to devote the rest of your life to "freedom to..."
  • Ownership vs. Possession as the new model of wholeness
March to Freedom

Begin Again

Are you ready to make a leap into a whole new life this year?
Are you Interested in paving your way all day, every day with miracles? Then you'll want to experience this Miracle Meeting Place Special Event:

Begin Again!
How to Experience Tangible Transcendence, Transformation and Triumph in the Year to Come

The custom of starting the New Year with a resolution has good intentions behind it. With a little self-reflection, we all see areas of our life we’d like to improve and bad habits we’d like to break. But for most people, perhaps as many as 90 percent, good intentions don’t get very far. They forget their New Year’s resolution as the force of habit and conditioning take hold again.

There is a better way, and it’s based on miraculous intervention, so there's no trouble or toil involved. Join Maureen to learn how to tap into this state of Absolute Grace in 2022 and beyond (no matter what is happening in the world around you.)

You deserve to live a miraculous life now!

Begin Again

The Big Ask

Think about it: When was the last time you asked for something with big risks and potentially big consequences and/or payoffs? The kind of ask that could change your life.

Sometimes the only thing standing between us and the life of our dreams is a simple question. It's the one question that, when asked to the right person at the right time, can change everything.

Yet, how many of us, if and when given the opportunity to ask that question, avoid asking it at all costs.

In this Miracle Meting Place event we explore: What is that question for you? What is your Big Ask?

During this class we unearth your Big Ask, and more importantly, offer you the time and space to do the inner work that helps cultivate the courage to ask it!

During this Masterclass we discuss:

  • Identifying Your Big Ask
  • Why Asking Your Big Ask Can Feel So Terrifying
  • Discerning Where Your Big Ask Originates From
  • How your Big Ask Could Change Your Life
  • How Asking Your Big Ask Could Be Your Fsst Path To
    Spiritual Awakening

And so much more...

This is exactly what Jesus meant when he is quoted multiple times in the Bible as saying, "Ask and you shall receive." He didn't mean for you to ask for 100 pounds of chocolate delivered to your door, or for your next fleeting whim to be satisfied. He truly wanted everyone, then and now, to awaken to their best life. That is the power of The Big Ask!

The Big Ask

Choose Once Again

Today in the United States, on Presidential Election Day 2020, we are faced with a very important choice. A column published in the Boston Globe on the morning of Monday, November 2nd wrote:

Win or lose, Trump has taught us lessons about ourselves

"Here we are again, at the precipice. Love him or loathe him, President Trump has consumed just about every minute of every day since he first announced his candidacy, and certainly since he won the presidency. Either way the election goes, it’s certainly been educational. Without meaning to, Trump has taught — or retaught — this country plenty about ourselves. And, like those who have enabled him, those lessons will still be with us, no matter what happens on Tuesday."

What lessons have you learned over the past 4-5 years? How will those lessons influence your future? Join Maureen this evening for the next Miracle Meeting Place event, and do some deliberate soul-searching to discover just what you have learned individually and what we have all learned collectively.

Mosts importantly, this event offers you the time to wrap your ever-loving mind around what you most want to change in your life.

The last section in the last chapter of A Course in Miracles is titled "Choose Once Again"... We can always choose once again, and align our minds more closely with the one, All-Knowing Mind. Right now, more than ever, it is essential to do just that.

Choose Once Again

The Power of Bliss

Here's a question for you... Are you ready to live a life of Bliss? True Bliss, Real Bliss, Tangible Bliss?

The great American mythologist Joseph Campbell inspired people when he first used the phrase, “Follow your Bliss!” because he offered a vision that was radically different from the notion that hard work, persistence, and keeping your nose to the grindstone was the key to success. But Bliss is something more, and following Bliss is not only a happier more fulfilling path, it is the only path to total transcendence.

Who hasn’t experienced love, compassion, inspiration, beauty, and joy some time in their life? But these scattered glimpses are far from organized and integrated into normal life. It's time for that to change... It's time to stay consistently in alignment with Bliss as a natural experience of life. Following your Bliss is not only a joyful path, but the only path that leads to living a life of effortless ease that is paved with miracles.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event we explore and answer the questions:

* What are the tell-tale qualities of true Bliss?
* How can you immediately get on your own unique track to a
Blissful life?
* Does following my Bliss require me to drop my relationships or
jump jobs?
* How can you more comfortably step into the unknown with
confidence, letting Bliss lead the way?

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you would like to step out of a life of fear and limitation and connect more substantially to the "something more" that leads you directly into living your most Blissful life now.


The Power of Bliss

Managing Holiday Stress Miraculously

Though the holiday season can be an amazing time of year, we all know that the holidays can usher in a variety of stressors, including lack of time for all the festivities, the pressure and financial burdens of finding perfect gifts, the tensions of long-standing family dynamics, and the temptation to overindulge in all kinds of foods.

But, with just a slight shift in perception, the holiday season actually has the potential to be the most inspired time of the year. An idyllic season of joyful gatherings, remembering your blessings and celebrating your gifts.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and missing the gifts of the season, why not deliberately choose to enjoy this time to the fullest, by moving into a stress-free mode that is based on presence, appreciation, gratitude, true affection and authentic validation that paves your way into a blessed holiday season.

Join Maureen and other kindred Souls to discover how to anchor yourself this holiday season with balancing and self-nurturing practices that support a healthy mind, body and spirit with:

Managing Holiday Stress Miraculously!

Discover practical and tangible ways to end your year on a miraculous note that can pave the way into the best year of your life!

Managing Holiday Stress Miraculously

Out with the Old, In with the New

With the arrival of a new year, we all feel an impulse to get rid of old habits and to change for the better. 

As time-honored as New Year’s resolutions are, you may have noticed in your own life, they rarely make a difference. The pull of old habits is strong. At a deeper level, there is a constant tug-of-war between wanting to change and wanting to remain the same. You could say there is a war between inertia and evolution.

Inertia is another word for remaining unconscious, while evolution requires awareness. The more aware you are, the easier change becomes. 

If you've been feeling a lack of momentum at the start of this new year, especially as we continue to ride out the pandemic, no worries! During this next Miracle Meeting Place gathering we are going to actually kick start your momentum miraculously!

Out with the Old, In with the New

The Goal of the Soul

Chances are, as the new year unfolds, you've been feeling an inner urge to set intentions or accomplish goals for yourself. However, as you walk a spiritual path, you'd also like to be certain that your life experiences and the goals you set are truly in synch with your higher purpose.

If that sounds like you then you'll especially love this Miracle Meeting Place Special Event:

The Goal of the Soul

This is an entirely different way of approaching goal setting - as laid out plainly in A Course in Miracles. It's not only a sure way to attain your goals, but the fast path to ultimate fulfillment in your life.

The Goal of the Soul

Hide and Seek

Perhaps you've noticed that most people move through life a little uncomfortable, a little afraid, a little nervous and a little excited. There is always something to seek that seems just a little bit better, or more enticing, than the moment we are in.
We work hard to achieve things, but often on the cusp of attaining them we hold back and retreat, denying ourselves full embrace of the experience.

Of course we can, and often do blame others or circumstances for thwarting our best laid plans, but the truth is the majority of us act more like children playing hide and seek, waiting to be found, yet hoping we won't be, sometimes even biting our nails with anticipation.

We have a way of keeping ourselves on our toes - always just a little on edge. We worry when opportunity approaches a little too closely, and then hide deeper in the shadows when fear overcomes us. What is that?

In this Miracle Meeting Place gathering we answer that fascinating question while unearthing why we often avoid living our own best lives with, Hide and Seek: The Divine Play of Life.

Come discover how this ongoing game of hide and seek with the Divine is itself a deep journey, both human and Divine. And more importantly realize how you can stop seeking and finally be found!

Inertia is another word for remaining unconscious, while evolution requires awareness. The more aware you are, the easier change becomes. 

If you've been feeling a lack of momentum at the start of this new year, especially as we continue to ride out the pandemic, no worries! During this next Miracle Meeting Place gathering we are going to actually kick start your momentum miraculously!

Hide and Seek

How to Create a Perfect Day

We often say one another in greeting, "Have a good day!" Or ask loved ones "How was your day?" The urge to have good day goes deep in the human psyche. But what if there was a way you could experience a PERFECT Day - a truly Heavenly day?

Well, according to the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles, there is... the Course speaks of it as, "a time Heaven has set apart to shine upon, and cast a timeless light upon this day, when echoes of eternity are heard."

Isn't this the kind of day all spirited people long for? A day of Heaven on earth.

Well you’re in luck! Because A Course in Miracles sketches the entire picture of the ideal day, giving us specific instructions on how to create such a miraculous experience for ourselves.

It may seem odd that A Course in Miracles — a teaching rooted in the illusory nature of time and space — comments on the topic of a perfect day. But fascinatingly enough, teaching us how to have this perfect day seems to be one of the major goals of The Course. Join Maureen for this fascinating and  extremely important exploration.

How to Create the Perfect Day

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