Miracle Mastery

The archived teachings below all fall under the category of Miracle Mastery, the third step in awakening to a miraculous life. Now you Expand into the role of being the Master of your Universe – creating deliberately and consciously with astonishing vision and unlimited potential. You will feel an inner sense of deep success and balance that affords you a broader, longer view of your future. This expansive view stimulates your desire to serve humanity and to
become a spark, a magnet, a force for change.

Awake is the New Sleep

Sleep has always mattered, but statistics show that more than ever before, people are being effected by irregular sleep patterns and sleep deprivation has become a "top of mind" issue for many.

The good news is, there is an aware approach to sleep that helps awaken us to our best life.

In this masterclass Maureen shares with you the many ways that being Awake in your life can beneficially effect your quality of sleep while exponentially enhancing the quality of your waking life. Join me as we do a deep dive into an immensely valuable topic with:

Awake is the New Sleep

During this valuable Masterclass we discuss:

  • the profound effect of Awareness on sleep
  • Sleep routines to awaken your Spirit
  • The art of lucid dreaming
  • A rejuvenating sleep meditation
  • Active regeneration - how to rest without sleep

And so much more...

Awake is the New Sleep 

A Crash Course in Miraculous Healing - Part 1

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for an especially wild and wonderful ride!

Why a "Crash Course" in Miraculous Healing? Because this gathering is specifically designed to shatter all of your limiting beliefs...

Check all your struggles, efforts, ideas and mistaken identities at "the door". In this 2-part talk, Maureen will help you embrace the totality of who you really are.

A Crash Course in Miraculous Healing I

A Crash Course in Miraculous Healing - Part 2

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for an especially wild and wonderful ride!

Why a "Crash Course" in Miraculous Healing? Because this gathering is specifically designed to shatter all of your limiting beliefs...

Check all your struggles, efforts, ideas and mistaken identities at "the door". In this 2-part talk, Maureen will help you embrace the totality of who you really are.

A Crash Course in Miraculous Healing II

Special Principles of Miracle Workers

This Miracle Meeting Place event is jam-packed with little known gems and brilliant short cuts to experiencing your miraculous healing capacity.

Join Maureen for this gathering if you would like to:

  • Abolish your need for frivolous distractions or drama
  • Understand the clear distinction between what is created and what is made
  • Clearly differentiate between right and wrong mindedness
  • KNOW exactly why you are here!
Special Principles of Miracle Workers

Fun as the Foundation

At best, spirituality is practiced with levity and playfulness. Imagine waking up with a smile on your face and laughing yourself to sleep every night, no matter what is happening in your world... This is the key to accessing all manner of abundance and, yes, even enlightenment.

We have the divine capacity to create fun and delight out of thin air. To a child, a stick can become a marshmallow skewer, a bridge for a sandcastle moat, a tool for poking into the hollow of a tree, a back scratcher, a boat to an army of ants or a pointer leading the way to further adventure. Just imagine what that childlike exuberance and an orientation towards fun could attract in your life!

Join this Miracle Meeting Place gathering and tear off the straight jacket of personal and social conformity. Together we will discover how fun and laughter can free us from all kinds of limitations, allowing us to be the miracle workers we were born to be.

Fun as the Foundation

Catalyst Over Catastrophe

Some people seem to meet challenges with confidence, while others struggle to overcome them. Where do you fall? Do you feel empowered to meet adversity head-on? To deliberately live as a catalyst for change?

During this important Miracle Meeting Place event we will view life from a Soulful perspective - one in which you actually seek out challenges. Your Highest Self desires that you learn and grow, and life’s most effective tool toward growth is experience.

Join Maureen for this event if you would like to discover:

  • Why you find yourself faced with the same challenges over and over again
  • Why it's important not to avoid challenges
  • How to unearth the valuable lessons inherent in adversity
  • Tangible tools to help you embrace any experience - even catastrophe
  • 5 ways to stay present to avoid spiraling into despair and frustration

As a Co-creator of your own reality, you have the ability to overcome challenges. It is with this sense of responsibility and awareness that you can begin your journey into a Higher State of Consciousness, where challenges are no longer challenges but opportunities to get a glimpse of your Highest Self.

Catalyst Over Catastrophe

The Art of Seeing Beyond

You don’t have to go anywhere to reach Higher Consciousness. At the deepest level, you are already Enlightened. The Art of Seeing Beyond is simply discovering this level within yourself...

There is no division between the reality you experience “in here” and the reality “out there.” There is only one Reality. In this Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen will guide you through the process of unveiling Reality within yourself in order to see and experience it outwardly, here on earth.

The Art of Seeing Beyond

Harnessing the Power of I AM

With your words, you can bless your future! And few words have as much power to change your life as the simple phrase I Am.

Fully understanding and harnessing this wisdom can empower you to:

  • Step into the life of your dreams
  • Realize an entirely new level of awareness and Being
  • Discover talents and abilities you never knew you had
  • Invite the Divine into your daily life

Discover the power that these words have first hand when you join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place event.

Harnessing the Power of I AM

How to Set and Attain Miraculous Goals

Miraculous Goals are not your typical goals! They require a particular orientation in order to manifest them into your life.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen will reveal to you the subtle ways of moving into that orientation so that you are perfectly positioned to attain any goal you set your heart on. Experience your heart's desires miraculously (and with far less effort than you think)!

How to Set and Attain Miraculous Goals

Living the Totality of Miracles

There are so many important subtleties to accessing the miraculous, and each is too valuable to miss! This Miracle Meeting Place session is a follow-up to our last gathering, How to Set and Attain Miraculous Goals, so that Maureen can cover more essential aspects of miracles.

During this talk you will learn how to choose sanely and gracefully between: light or darkness, everything or nothing, love or fear. Our most miraculous state is not a partial attribute - it is only real when it is complete. 

Living the Totality of Miracles

Manifesting Money Miraculously

Many people feel that spirituality and money don't mix. They equate a desire for money with being materialistic and greedy, and these qualities have no place on a spiritual path.

But not only is that belief judgmental, it is extremely detrimental to your happiness and well-being! AND it's definitely not spiritual! In reality a spiritual life and abundance go hand-in-hand because at their core, they are both about expansion.

So the good news is, you don't have to choose between spirituality and abundance! Instead, Maureen will show you a spiritual approach to abundance within, which in turn creates wealth in your outside world, too.

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, we will explore:

  • 4 reasons why money and spirituality are highly compatible
  • A daily trick that will position you squarely in Miracle Manifesting Mode
  • Money mantras for manifesting millions
  • 6 Steps for creating abundance that lasts
  • A powerful abundance meditation for kick-starting your day

All the resources you need for living an abundant life, whatever they may be, are within your reach right now!

Manifesting Miraculous Money

Opening to Direct Awakening

Why is it so important to awaken to our innate power and potential? A Course in Miracles states, "The mind is very powerful, and it never loses creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating...thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains."

Our mind is so powerful that it creates our entire reality! Being awake and aware to this truth is essential to our happiness.

It is our Soul's purpose to align with thoughts and beliefs that allow us to live to the fullest and that make great contributions to the world, illuminating the way for others. In other words: when you think with God, all of existence flourishes.

Start at the beginning with this Miracle Meeting Place event. Join Maureen to discover how to open yourself up and fully awaken to the powerful creator you are.

Opening to Direct Awakening

Accepting Absolute Abundance

Feeling abundant is a highly spiritual way of being. When you attract abundance into your life, it means that your spiritual practice has deepened within you to the point of actually affecting the material world around you. It is a natural and enjoyable aspect of spirituality that anyone can experience.

Do you feel you are fully accepting the abundance that your spiritual practice is inviting into your life? In this Miracle Meeting Place event, we will explore our own personal relationships with abundance and identify any ideas or practices that may be keeping it just out of our reach.

Accepting Absolute Abundance

In the Fire of Grace

No problem on earth can be solved by addressing it at the level of the problem. Yet all problems can be solved at the level of Spirit...

We all have the capacity to tap into Pure Consciousness, to transcend thought and enter into communion with the Source of who we truly are. This Unification melts the bonds of separation with a fire so sweet, it automatically ignites our hearts with gratitude. As the frequency and devastation of wildfires increases along the American west coast, it is especially important that we remember this - that the fire of grace can transcend any and all pain we experience in life.

Join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place event as she rattles the cage of limiting beliefs to awaken the full, fiery spectrum of Divinity within us.

In the Fire of Grace

The Eternal Laws of Enlightenment

When you enter an Enlightened state, you are fully aware that you are the dreamer of the dream -  and that anything you can dream up is possible for you to experience.

It also becomes evident to you that narrating your story as if it were a documentary, weighing all the pros and cons and noting your limitations no longer resonates. Instead you are compelled to tell an uplifting, fanciful and miraculous story of life and, just like that, miracles take place endlessly.

No, this isn't magic. It is the Eternal Laws of the Universe at work, responding to your deliberate alignment. With this Miracle Meeting Place session you will learn how to better align with those laws, and experience the miraculous nature of an Enlightened life first-hand.

The Eternal Laws of Enlightenment

The Goal of the Soul

The Upanishads, a classic Vedic text, states: “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

Everything that manifests in the Universe begins with intention. Whether we're cooking a meal, showing up for work, buying a new car, it all begins in the seed form of desire, and that intention sets into motion the creative power that fulfills our dreams.

It's so important for us miracle-minded people to set clear, deliberate intentions for our lives. This Miracle Meeting Place gathering will guide you through that process, setting you up for a blessed year ahead of eloquent manifesting from your deepest core.

The Goal of the Soul

The Power of the Divine Mother

In this space we often speak about the power of the Divine and the various ways to connect with that power. Now we will zero in on a specific, most supreme aspect of Divinity that is not only all-powerful but flawless in it's capacity to ignite care and creativity...

The wisdom of the divine feminine is not just for women. For millennia, humankind's main concern was "survival of the fittest", which resulted in an earth dominated by male energy. Now we've come to an era in which balance is paramount, and celebrating feminine values like nurturance, respect, intuition, beauty, creativity, humility and genuine affection will best serve us moving forward. Our task as humans, male and female, is to integrate the wisdom of the divine feminine into ourselves so that all of life benefits. Join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place event to learn how.

The Power of the Divine Mother

Rebirth & Resurgence

A No-Holds-Barred Identity Shift

Ask a child who keeps them safe and taken care of, and they will point to their parents. This is how we first learn to give responsibility for our safety, security, love and happiness to someone outside of ourselves. For a child this is only natural, but as we age, the search for love and safety "out there" leads us down an endless path of uncertainty and often pain.

To transfer the responsibility for love and happiness from another person to yourself is to walk the path of transformation. This is no small journey... in essence, it requires a rebirth.

Join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place gathering and discover how to take your first steps down that path. It's time for you to soar to greater heights, untether yourself from the past entirely, learn how to receive exponentially and bask in the true safety and love that you deserve.

Rebirth & Resurgence, A No-Holds-Barred Identity Shift

Your Bliss Barometer 

The late Joseph Campbell popularized the phrase "follow your bliss" when he stated in an interview, “If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you."

That statement meant so much more than simply "do what you love to do". In this Miracle Meeting Place session, Maureen will dive further into Campbell's idea and discuss why bliss is so powerful and fundamental to your spiritual path.

Tune in to learn about topics like:

  • Why bliss is the best barometer you have for detecting if you are on the path of an awakened life.
  • How to "follow your bliss" in a world that's filled with conflict, pain, problems, trauma and drama.
  • Getting in touch with the essential nature of the Self that holds the key to liberation.
  • How does Bliss transform the mind? 
Your Bliss Barometer

Reinventing the Body,
Resurrecting the Soul

When we get still and come to center in the midst of troubling times, we activate our "Resurrected Self". This glorious, transcendent Self is always completely intact and Radiant within us. It is because of this Divinity within that our physical bodies have infinite capacity for change, renewal and healing.

Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra writes, "Your physical body is a fiction." He contends that every cell is made up of two invisible ingredients: awareness and energy. Join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place gathering to experience a change in both your energy field and your physical body that begets the ultimate state of awareness and a resurrection of the Soul.

Reinventing the Body,
Resurrecting the Soul

The Happy Dream (And Beyond)

Awakening to Eternity 

Our tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit... eventually everyone realizes, there must be a better way. But it's a big mistake to think that our ultimate goal here is just to be happier within the dream that we call life. There is SO MUCH more than that! Miracles offer insight into how we can awaken from dreams entirely and unveil the road to Ultimate Happiness.

With this Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen goes beyond methodologies for attaining happiness and pulls back the veil to awakening. 

The Happy Dream (and Beyond)

The Eternal Return: Transcending Death

There is no denying it - death is part of life.

Our views, interpretations, experiences and stories surrounding death are extremely personal. Some of these have been culturally established within us, and others we've garnered through first hand-experience. Even if you haven't yet experienced the passing of a family member, close acquaintance or friend, you have most definitely been exposed to death via television, movies or the media.

During this important Miracle Meeting Place event, we will explore our personal relationships with death in a non-threatening and safe space. We will ask and answer poignant questions like:

  • How do the miracle-minded see death?
  • How can we best communicate with loved ones who have passed?
  • Is it necessary to transcend the fear of death in order to experience liberation in life?
  • Is death really the end?
The Eternal Return: Transcending Death

Spring to Life!

The Spiritual Art of Cleansing

Experience a powerful surge of spirit by deliberately clearing out the old and connecting with the new!

It's time that our annual spring cleaning tradition included a much needed purge of the clutter in our minds. During this Miracle Meeting Place event we will:

  • Explore the symbolic, spiritual meaning of cleansing and clearing.
  • Let go of the need to cling to what no longer serves us, and make room for the new.
  • Discover the one most important focus that makes clearing easy, delightful and impactful.
  • Gain clarity in all the areas of our lives that need the most attention.

Your spirit is up to the task, no matter how big the "mess"!

Spring to Life!
The Spiritual Art of Cleansing

One with God

There is very little in the world today that feels tolerable, let alone joyous, without a rooted experience of our True Divine Identity. Without that, it's easy to feel disoriented and disheartened. With it, the world is surprisingly revelatory and sublime.

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering, Maureen explains how each of us is hardwired to experience God while on earth. She answers the question, "Why did we come to planet earth at this specific time?" Spoiler Alert: To be. Right here and right now!

One with God

Peace, Ease and Thanksgiving

Everyone considers gratitude to be a positive thing, but we don't always stop to consider how powerful gratitude truly is. Gratitude is a quality that brings our attention into the present, the only moment in which we can effortlessly experience the reality of joy, love, compassion, and peace. When we focus on gratitude, the source of giving—pure consciousness—becomes more accessible to us. We begin to notice what we have been given, rather than what we lack. We see love and beauty in an intimate way that makes it natural to live in the present moment.

Unbeknownst to many, gratitude is actually a shortcut to enlightenment. Focusing on gratitude not only measurably improves our emotional and physical well-being, it awakens us to the fact that there is so much more ease and peace at hand no matter what dilemma we might be facing.

Thanksgiving season offers an opportunity to more tangibly bring the power of gratitude into your life. As you invite the warm attitude of appreciation into your awareness, your heart will overflow with thankfulness, and you will find reasons to be grateful wherever you look.

Peace, Ease and Thanksgiving

Born to Be Wild

What comes to mind when you think of the scene of the nativity (the birth of Jesus)? For many it's all about peace and miracles - the sweet, still scene of a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

However, the story of the life of Jesus (or Yeshua as he was named, meaning the "rescuer" or "deliverer") and what he embodied is anything but staid and serene. It's a call to rise to the occasion. A reminder that, no matter what earthly trauma or drama is at hand, it is possible to bring love to fear, hope to despair and even resurrection to death.

In that mission, Yeshua was a rebel with a powerful Cause.

Join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place event to explore the renegade life of Rebel Jesus as the living example of what we are all meant to be.

A renegade's heart cries to live free, have fun and change the world. Without these ideals our lives dry up, our relationships crack and our jobs become jails. It's time for you to fully embrace your True Wild and Free Nature now!

Born to Be Wild

One Earth: The New Consciousness of Global Wellness

When the ancient Rishis of India declared Aham Brahmasmi — "I am the Universe"— they were illuminating the cosmic connection between everyone and everything at the level of Pure Awareness. That exact type of connection is meant to be alive and well in all of us. The way we treat the planet is a tangible symbol of that connectivity.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event, we tap into that supreme consciousness by discussing:

  • How to heal the planet by abiding in and absorbing the qualities of Pure Consciousness such as love, truth, beauty, genius, and creativity.
  • A new consciousness in which the wellness of Earth is seen as True Wellness, not simply the absence of potentially fatal conditions.
  • How we can become active stewards for the wellness of the planet as we heal ourselves. 
  • Impactful healing meditations and practices to connect us more tangibly to living in heaven on earth.

April 22nd, 2020 was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day—a true milestone to celebrate! It was also a reminder that we can't tune out or shy away from bad news on the ecological and medical fronts. Planetary wellness begins with you and me, and the time to act is now—in our very own homes and with our very own bodies, minds and spirits. Healing this planet will empower us all!

One Earth: The New Consciousness of Global Wellness

Freedom of Forgiveness

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering we lay the groundwork of peace by exploring the most effective and profound tool available to us to experience heavenly bliss right here and right now with:
The Freedom of Forgiveness

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you want to know:
* A clear path of personal forgiveness that will free your mind to relinquish even particularly tenacious grievances and let go of grief
* How to bring the power of awareness into play, to heal anything, by following 3 key steps of forgiveness
* How forgiveness can make us feel instantaneously lighter and unburdened, even if we've been tied to resentments for years.
* Ways to feel more effective in situations where conflicts need to be settled now.

During this impactful talk Maureen imparts miraculous and life altering Presence Practices, that you can put to use immediately to help you shift into a deeper state of awareness and perception of your self, so you can become free of your past and all of its suffering.

The Freedom of Forgiveness

What is Enlightenment?

Are you one of the many people who has wondered, "What is Enlightenment?
If so, rest assured, you're not alone.

Enlightenment is a word that has gotten so entangled with vague confusion, mainly because there isn't an accepted definition that allows for general discussion where everyone agrees on the meaning.

Yet despite all of the fuzziness, the awareness of the topic has evolved tremendously over the past few decades, making the possibility of enlightenment closer and closer to every day experience.

If you feel it's time for you to come to a clear understanding of Enlightenment so you can embrace this experience as part of your every day life, join Maureen for a lively Miracle Meeting Place special event

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What is Enlightenment?

War vs. Peace

There's never been a more important time to be miracle minded than right now, as world events continue to buffet humankind about. Even if you've only glanced at the headlines lately, it's enough to make you feel off-center and in need of an oasis. This Miracle Meeting Place event highlights:
War vs. Peace  

Join us to Discover how you can:

  • Access Peace Now
  • Awaken to the Miraculous in Tumultuous Times to help you put your life and world events into perspective
  • Reframe harrowing headlines to see the current situation as a catalyst rather than a catastrophe
  • Gain true clarity of Vision (because we can use all of the visionaries we can get!)
  • Be reminded of the importance of your own individual Self-care as a gift to all of humanity.

Enjoy deliberately claiming some precious time of extended peace, wellbeing and consciousness. And know that - just by settling in for this event - you are truly being a gift to the world

War vs. Peace

The Perfect Pace of Peace

‘Tis the season for joyful gatherings with family and friends, remembering your blessings, and enjoying celebrations. But it can also be a season full of expectations and stress as you might scramble to deck the halls, bake endless batches of cookies, and pick out the perfect presents.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the perfect holiday season? A time in which you watch incredulously as miracles literally pave your way, and there are welcomed surprises and delights at every turn? This year, why not find out, by joining me as we enter into: The Perfect Pace of Peace

If you would like to step out of the typical holiday mode and connect more substantially to the "something more" that makes everything feel especially merry and bright then this Miracle Meeting Place gathering is for you.

The Perfect Pace of Peace

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