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This Seminar Will Show You
Step-by-step How to Access a
Miraculous Enlightened Life 


And there's more...
Actually, this Introductory seminar only primes you for the real deal - where I reveal to you the entire
E3 Transformational Triad
path to awakening and teach you
step-by-step how you can awaken to ultimate fulfillment and true transcendence with:

The E3 Transformational Triad
Full Immersion Master Class
Now Open!

Walk away knowing how to Incorporate the Exact Steps you need to know to Awaken to a Miraculous Life Now. 

With this resource you will discover everything you need to know to begin living  a path to ultimate fulfillment and true transcendence each and every day of your life.

What our students are saying:

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"Where have these teachings been all my life?! After years of spiritual study this course helped me finally put the pieces together and more importantly taught the MISSING pieces I needed." - Kate L.

First of all thank you so much for this generous, heartfelt teaching, I experienced revelation after revelation and I now have the tools to implement this wise and powerful material. Bless you!"  - Dorothy M.

 "To hear you saying in the Miracle Matrixing module that we should not give until we can give from the overflow was a true revelation for me. Wow! Will my life ever look different from now on. Good bye exhaustion forever." - Adam S. 

Practical, heartfelt wisdom that the entire world should have access to.   - John G. 

There has NEVER been a better time to live a liberated life.

See why so many spiritual seekers are raving about this training.... 

What you will learn:

Tangible tools to help you move beyond thoughts, feelings and habits that keep you stuck 
Insights about where your emotions and thoughts come from and how to steer them in ways that benefit you most
How to free yourself from emotional scars that keep you from reaching your highest potential
How to activate and sustain spiritually awakened consciousness. 
Ways to uncover your natural energy flow so you can tap into tangible miracles in your every day life. .


There is a difference between a typical learning experience and this one.
An educational course is a path you must move along to learn a body of material, whereas a spiritual path is a path you walk along in order to reach the Divine. The true purpose of learning about miracles is to awaken the memory of the Divine in you.
That is exactly what we are going to do.

As A Course in Miracles puts it:

"... this course was sent to open up the path of light to us, and teach us, step by step, how to return to the Eternal Self we thoughts we lost."  

Join me to discover this fast path to returning to your Eternal Self. 

A little bit about the creator and your teacher of the
E3 Transformational Triad, Maureen Whitehouse...

Maureen  has been teaching and supporting individuals on their transformative journey since 1996 when she experienced a direct spiritual awakening precipitated by her intensive study of A Course in Miracles. She is best known for her work as a counselor and spiritual teacher, helping those in the midst of their life’s greatest pain to find, not only greater fulfillment and inner peace, but instantaneous miraculous healing. 

A sought after inspirational speaker, Maureen is an award wining, bestselling author, the founder of The Axiom Institute and has recently served as both a teaching fellow at the Harvard Divinity School and research fellow at the world-renown Langer Mindfulness Lab

A Personal Message from Maureen to You- read on...

I have poured my heart into creating a course that will provide you with a truly transformational experience. My goal is to give you everything that will unlock the door to liberation for you. My greatest hope for you is that after experiencing this class you will discover the boundless energy, wisdom, creativity and love that is your birthright and your truest nature. And more importantly, I know I am giving you powerful tools that will sustain and deepen your awakening over time so you can truly live a miraculous life.  

Genuine Spiritual Awakening is the Gateway to Unimaginable Possibility.
This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. 

image below right next to "master class content" : Miracle Minded, Matrixing and Mastery on top of one another 

Your Master Class Content:

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