Effortless Enlightenment 2023 FAQ's

Q: What is the Effortless Enlightenment Course?

A: Effortless Enlightenment is Maureen's 4-part hybrid online course offering a clear, uncomplicated, transformational path to spiritual awakening. It’s based on the very same principles that have transformed thousands of her clients’ lives over the past two decades, broken down into 3 easy-to-follow phases: Miracle Mindedness, Miracle Matrixing and Miracle Mastery. This approach offers a fast yet deeply effective alternative to the arduous, confusing and lonely path that so many traverse in their quest for peace and healing. It guides participants into a new paradigm, where miracles are a daily experience and awakening to your best life is the natural result.

Q: What is a "hybrid" course?

A: Effortless Enlightenment is a "hybrid" course, meaning it consists of 4 pre-recorded lessons and 1 live Q&A session with Maureen. People who purchase the course can start it immediately, with each of the 4 pre-recorded lessons being "dripped" to them 1 per week (the total length of the pre-recorded course is 4 weeks). The date of the live Q&A session will be announced.

NOTE: Anyone who purchases the Effortless Enlightenment course after the live Q&A session has happened will have access to a recorded replay of the Q&A – their experience of the course will be fully recorded, not hybrid.

Q: Where can I learn more about the Effortless Enlightenment course?

A: Here is a link to learn more: www.miraclemeetingplace.com/effortless-enlightenment-course-offer/

Q: Will my audience still benefit from the launch if they don’t buy Maureen's course?

A: Everyone who opts in will benefit greatly from the free content! 

Q: How does the affiliate program work?

A: Once you register as an affiliate, you will get 3 unique links. When you share those links with the people on your list and they eventually register for Effortless Enlightenment by clicking on one of your links, you will receive a commission of 40%. (That's $118.80 per sale at the special launch price of $297.)

Q: What do I email or post to social media to tell my people about Effortless Enlightenment?

A: We will provide you with suggested copy so that you don’t have to figure out how to write your own emails or create your own posts describing the course...although it’s best, of course, if you personalize the copy we send so it's in your voice and speaks to your audience.

Q: What if I don’t want to receive commissions from sales?

A: Maureen would like you to know, she respects your kindness and generosity, and it is her greatest joy to compensate you for sharing this!!

If you really don’t want to be compensated, still register as an affiliate so that you receive the suggested copy but you can just use the generic link when you mail to your community.

Q: What if I don’t have a big mailing list?

A: You don’t have to have a big list to mail for Maureen. Even if you just have a handful of friends and family and you feel the course can serve them, why not receive $118.80 when they register? It's a win-win!

Q: Why do I get 3 affiliate links?

A: Having 3 affiliate links gives you more flexibility and multiple ways to direct your list to the Effortless Enlightenment course, while benefitting from the free content along the way. Your first affiliate link goes to Maureen's lead magnet, the free ebook download From Pain to Power. Your second link goes to the registration page for Maureen's free live webinar "Miracles Demystified". Your third link goes directly to the Effortless Enlightenment course offer page. 

Q: How many times do I have to mail?

A: You can mail as many times as you want! Once is fine. Twice is fine. Three times is fine. More is fine! You may choose to only mail Maureen's lead magnet From Pain to Power (we do recommend everyone mails that one). You may choose to also mail for her live webinar "Miracles Demystified," and the Effortless Enlightenment course itself once the cart opens. It’s up to you. Want more input? We’re happy to share best practices with you and what’s been working well for our partners in the past. Just email Renee at renee@reneeporteous.com.

Q: Can I continue to earn commissions after the Effortless Enlightenment Launch is over?

A: Yes! We will post a replay recording of Maureen's masterclass (aka sales webinar) "Miracles Demystified" and switch over to an evergreen model after the initial launch period. So you can continue to share your affiliate links and earn commissions as long as you like!

NOTE: The special launch price of $297 will only be available until end-of-day Sunday, October 22nd. After that, the price will change to $397. Be sure to take advantage of this and remind your people to enroll before they miss out on the $100 discount!

Q: How can I contact your team if I need further clarification?

A: Effortless Enlightenment affiliate manager, Renee Porteous, is here for you. Just email her directly at renee@reneeporteous.com.

Q: How do I get started?

A: You can register as an affiliate by clicking the button below:

We look forward to partnering with you and making this Launch a huge WIN-WIN for all!

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