Awakening Via A Path Paved in Miracles

Step on the path to your best possible life...

because Miracles are real, enlightenment is possible, and you don't have to be "special" to experience both.

"Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all."

– A Course in Miracles (W-pI.188.1:4)

A NOTE TO YOU from maureen whitehouse,
spiritual teacher, miracle mentor and 
expert in spiritual psychotherapy:

Dear friend,

Have you ever wished or prayed for a real, true miracle? Maybe when you weren’t sure you believed in miracles in the first place? Or maybe even when you didn’t think you really deserved one? Most of us have, in the midst of our most challenging times. 

Well I can tell you now that miracles aren’t reserved for special people or once in a lifetime circumstances. Not only are miracles real, but they are meant to be experienced on a daily basis – by all of us.

Has that been your experience?
If not, you’re certainly not alone. And that’s why I teach what I teach…

I experienced a spiritual awakening in 1996 after 2 1/2 years of solitary intensive study of the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles. Ever since then I have been helping people across the world to overcome the worst pain of their lives. They usually come to me at their lowest point, hoping for just one miracle. What they discover is that the path to healing – and ultimately spiritual awakening – is actually paved from end to end in miracles.

Once you step on this path, the miracles don’t stop. And the bonus – the cherry on top of this miraculous sundae – is Enlightenment. 

Maybe right now you’re thinking, “Miracles… spiritual awakening… enlightenment? Do I even want all that?” 

Here’s an easier question to ask yourself: do you want to live your best possible life? In the simplest terms, that’s what Enlightenment is. It’s the greatest joy, the greatest inspiration and the greatest bliss you never dared to imagine. 

The new online course I’m offering here, Effortless Enlightenment, is a roadmap to that bliss with miracles at every step of the way. It’s based on the same exact principles that have transformed thousands of my clients’ lives for over two decades.

A little side note here: Part of what happened to me when I awakened in 1996, was that I began to get direct communications from the Divine. (I now call these “Spiritual Hits” because they’re different from a regular thought that comes logically or linearly – instead they come intact and perfectly complete, in a form that I hear/feel all at once, from the top-down.) That is how the teachings in this course came to me. I sincerely asked the Divine “what is the best way for me to teach what I know to others” and the answer was given to me as a complete and perfect download. 

In this course, you will learn to:

embrace a tangible sense of the Divine in your life

fully embody your liberated miraculous nature every day

finally expand your miraculous vision into the world in the most amazing and glorious ways!

Through Effortless Enlightenment, I’m offering a new paradigm for spiritual awakening. Instead of the arduous, confusing or lonely path that so many traverse in their quest for peace and healing, this course reveals a path to Enlightenment that is literally paved in miracles. It’s the fast path and the fun path. (Yes, your spiritual journey can actually be fun! Anyone who insists that you must be solemn and serious in order to become Enlightened has not yet experienced Enlightenment themselves!)

If you’re seeking a genuine path to spiritual awakening, and your highest, most joyful purpose in life, Effortless Enlightenment is here to guide you. I’m here to guide you.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me – your miraculous life awaits!

With Love and Abundant Blessings,



"Clear insight. Beautifully imparted. I leave each lesson feeling full, satisfied, light-hearted and, I dont know how else to put it, but… luminous."

Anne H.

Registered Nurse
New York, NY

"If you need a spiritual kick in the pants, Maureen is the teacher for you." 

Mike T.

Information Technology Manager
San Francisco, CA

"I’ve always been hugely empathetic and sensitive (profound sadness when seeing news stories, pain, suffering and war) and recently had a terrifying personal experience. But the tools that Effortless Enlightenment provides are truly, incredibly helpful.

For so many years now, as a sincere spiritual seeker and enthusiast, I’ve dipped in and out of bliss, but lately I felt myself on more of a downturn. However, after literally binge watching these videos (three times each now!) I am understanding miracles on a deep level. The work is simply amazing and something has clicked. Now I am fully onboard! I feel a very grounded sense of genuine optimism as I continue to enjoy the teachings and meditations. I know miracles are real and I am 100% enthusiastically back on the path to awakening to my best life."

Judi M.

Boston, MA

how can A path to enlightenment be "effortless"?

If you’ve been on a spiritual path, you know that it can be confusing and disheartening at times. You can feel transcendent one day, and discouraged the next. It’s a bit like navigating a maze – and no matter how many books you read, or lectures you listen to, or hours you spend praying and meditating, you may still find yourself with more questions than answers. On this journey, it’s not uncommon to lose faith in yourself and doubt whether you’ll ever find the peace you’ve been searching for. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, you already are everything you've been searching for. And the very miracles you've been praying for are actually hidden in plain sight. It doesn't take an arduous path to "get there" – but it does take a clearly guided, deep dive inside yourself to uncover the brilliance, perfection and Miraculous Nature you already are. Effortless Enlightenment provides that clear guidance, so you can stop seeking and experience your True Divine Self. 

Picture it now: you wake up every morning not wishing for miracles but expecting them. And when they inevitably appear to you, you know they are the guide posts and highway signs on your path to awakening. 

Through this course you will discover that miracles and synchronicities are direct communications from the Divine. When you learn how to open your eyes and heart to see them, your path becomes a joyous – and yes, effortless – one. No one is exempt from this, no matter how long you’ve been seeking or how difficult your journey has been up to this point.

With the crystal clarity of Maureen's seasoned guidance, Effortless Enlightenment gives you the precise tools you need to remove every self-perpetuated obstacle that has kept you unaware of Love's Presence until now.

No more meandering. No more doubts. This is the clear, transformative power of Effortless Enlightenment.

Are one or more of these patterns
sabotaging your spiritual path? 

Even the most dedicated spiritual seekers can find themselves stuck in patterns that derail their path to Enlightenment.

Here are common examples:

Chalking up unpleasant experiences to "fate" or "bad luck."
Being driven by the need to be "right" rather than happy. 
Hyper-focusing on the minute particulars of ritual and "spiritual rules."
Browbeating oneself with austere practices that feel like self-punishment
Comparing oneself to others, always assessing whether one is "ahead of" or "behind" others on the spiritual path.
Becoming "anti" every other point of view, believing that everyone else's approach to awakening and spirituality is "wrong". 
Isolating from family, friends and the outside world because they "get in the way" of devotion to a spiritual life. 
Believing one must abandon “real life” – including the things one loves – in order to become Enlightened.

When we are brave enough to look within, most of us will recognize at least one of these patterns playing out in our belief systems. Once we see them and decide there must be a better way, we make room for the miraculous to emerge in our lives. 

Effortless Enlightenment is here for you when you are ready to let go of dysfunctional patterns in favor of complete freedom. 

"Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong."

– A Course in Miracles (T-1.I.6)

Who Should Enroll in Effortless Enlightenment?

The teachings offered here by Maureen are for anyone interested in living an awakened life. You will especially benefit from taking this course if:

You’ve been on a spiritual path for any length of time – could be 5 months, or 5 decades – and right now you're feeling stuck or discouraged for any reason.

You’ve hit a dry spot, feeling uninspired and questioning whether your current path is the right one for you.

You're an enthusiastic seeker who reads hundreds of spiritual books, attends lectures & retreats, and has gone “looking for yourself” at sacred sites around the world.

Despite all your efforts, you’re starting to lose faith that an awakened life – let alone a happy and contented one – is in the cards for you. 

You want a joyful spiritual path.

You want to experience miracles all the time: on your daily commute, at the grocery store, waiting in line at  the bank, changing the baby’s diaper, out to dinner with friends, and on and on and on...

You want to see things differently, so you invite and welcome diverse experiences into your life.

At your core you know "there must be something more" and although you may not be there yet, you can entertain the possibility of being unintimidated and even invigorated by the unknown.

"The little bit of time that’s required to put into this course gives you a greater payback than years of spiritual study elsewhere."

Mari Lynn P.

Providence, RI

"Using the principles of this course I manifested a new job that pays me double my past salary. Better still, the people I work with ask me for advice! Word around the shop is that I’m the “Wise One” – all I do is say what I now know is true. Miracles are real and need to be a part of everyone’s everyday life."

Bill B.

Mechanical Designer
Reading, PA


Psychologists and Psychotherapists

A majority of Maureen’s personal clients work in the field of mental health. These professionals find that Maureen’s miraculous approach to mental wellness shatters the glass ceiling of typical psychoanalytic methods. Effortless Enlightenment includes methods of spiritual psychotherapy that can be incorporated into more traditional practices, which provide patients/clients with more immediate access to wellbeing.

Teachers, Professors and Educators

Maureen has been called a “teacher of the teachers”. Having taught as a fellow at Harvard while doing research for the world-renown Langer Mindfulness Lab, she knows the importance of empowering other educators with the fundamental tools they need to effect change in the world. The materials in this course embolden teachers to engage with their students on an entirely new level that tangibly connects both to the wisdom of their Inner Being.

Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

From entry-level employees to CEOs, everyone in the workplace is looking for a more impactful and fulfilling life. Making money is no longer enough on its own to keep us happy and motivated. This course provides strategies to business professionals who want to leave a greater imprint on the world by deeply embodying presence and grounded awareness in their careers and far beyond. Effortless Enlightenment will transform your feelings of being another "cog in the machine" to feeling like a creator of positive evolution in business.

Creatives (of all types)

Whether a musician, writer, graphic designer, actor or visual artist in any medium, creatives can discover and unleash their utmost potential with this course. Imagine feeling free to create anything while being simultaneously grounded in a deeply centered awareness. Effortless Enlightenment primes its students to allow creative genius and Divine inspiration to flow through them, unobstructed by doubt and self-judgment.

Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers and Healers

To practitioners and instructors of the contemplative healing arts – don't underestimate the importance of keeping your own well filled. A foundational aspect to this course is teaching participants how to give and receive simultaneously. Maureen coaches her students how to “give from the overflow” so that they never experience fatigue or burnout while doing what they were born to do. Experience your own healing as you heal others.


It is a priceless treasure to connect with one's child from a place of love, authenticity and acceptance rather than fear, ego and control. Effortless Enlightenment guides parents and guardians toward the self-knowledge and love that is needed to bring about a naturally deep connection with their children. Dysfunctional cycles and generational trauma will end with you, as your mind-full parenting ushers in the next generation of miracle workers.


Effortless Enlightenment is a Hybrid Course Consisting of 4 In-Depth Recorded Lessons and a LIVE Online Q&A Session with Maureen. Over the 4 Week Duration of the Course, You Will Experience...

Introduction to the E3 Transformational Triad 

In week 1, Maureen introduces you to the foundational method that she has used to help clients around the world awaken to their True Brilliance for over two decades: The E3 Transformational Triad. She will also take you on a journey through the world’s greatest wisdom traditions to uncover the most obscure and sacred information that exists on miracles. Though cryptic in their origins, Maureen is able to ground these teachings and impart them to you in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Myths and misperceptions around miracles 
  • How you can personally experience more miracles in your day-to-day life
  • The three most significant mistakes people make that keep them from experiencing miracles
  • The origin of literally all problems 
  • Why anxiety and depression are effecting so many people today – the cause and, more importantly, the solution

Miracle Mindedness

In week 2 you are introduced to the 1st phase of the E3 Transformational Triad: Miracle Mindedness. Here you will discover your own capacity to “see the unseen” and access Divine realms. You will learn how to embrace this capacity deeply, so you can begin to experience miracles in your life all day, every day.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Creating the conditions for spiritual awakening 
  • How to tap into the stillness beneath chaotic thoughts
  • How to relax into peace
  • Awakening from the dream of form
  • Becoming aware of your conditioned beliefs in order to transcend them and live freely

Miracle Matrixing

In week 3 you will discover how to embody the miraculous with the 2nd phase of the E3 Transformational Triad: Miracle Matrixing. This phase is where the rubber meets the road. Not only will you witness the miraculous, but you will learn how to create miracles with the creative intelligence of the universe supporting you.

Lesson Highlights:

  • You are a miracle
  • Common obstacles to embodying the Divine
  • Why is Self-realization so liberating?
  • The art of true Forgiveness
  • How to identify the hidden blessing in all challenges 
  • The Healed Healer – giving as a way to receive exponentially

Miracle Mastery

Week 4 is dedicated to the 3rd and final phase of the Triad: Miracle Mastery. Here you will learn how to expand your newfound miraculous capacity to realize your true purpose in life. Not only that, you will know and understand your place in our collective human destiny on earth. In this phase you become an extension of Grace, and a source of service to humanity – a true Miracle Worker.

Lesson Highlights:

  • How to perpetually access your Eternal Self
  • The essential key to a purpose-driven life
  • How to be truly altruistic without experiencing lack or burnout of any kind
  • The antithesis to martyrdom 
  • What does Infinite Love actually look and feel like?
  • Win-Win = One
  • Enjoying life without limits

When You Enroll, You'll Also Receive These Bonus Gifts:



Tune in LIVE and get the chance to ask Maureen your questions about spiritual awakening, Enlightenment, miracles and more. This 1.5 hour session will be open exclusively to Effortless Enlightenment students.



Deepen your miraculous orientation with this live recording of a retreat that Maureen facilitated at the beautiful Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.



With this beautiful meditation, Maureen personally guides you into alignment with your essential nature. Recorded exclusively for Effortless Enlightenment students. 



When you enroll in the Effortless Enlightenment Course, you can invite one friend to join you at no cost to them. Take a loved one along on this transformational journey!


Maureen Whitehouse has been teaching and supporting individuals on their transformative journey since 1996, when she experienced a spiritual awakening precipitated by her intensive study of A Course in Miracles. She is best known for her work as a counselor and spiritual teacher, helping those in the midst of their life’s greatest pain to find complete inner peace and miraculous healing. 

Maureen is a sought-after inspirational speaker, an award-winning author, the founder of The Axiom Institute and has served as both a teaching fellow at the Harvard Divinity School and a research fellow at the world-renown Langer Mindfulness Lab.

"Whenever I feel a need to put life into perspective I turn to Maureens teachings. She is so clear and 'hits the mark' so frequently that my mind literally gets stunned into submission while listening to her. Despite myself, I get out of my own way, while my heart takes over. Brilliant!"

Clare S.

San Francisco, CA

"Each lesson is a transmission and a teaching... A double whammy. You just have to experience it to know the depth of insight and peace that Maureen’s words carry. She is Divinely inspired for certain."

Jeff A.

Graphic Designer
Dover, MD

Here's everything you will receive when you enroll:

An Online Course 

with Maureen Whitehouse


Awakening Via A Path Paved in Miracles

Lifetime Access To The Effortless Enlightenment Online Course

Week 1 – Introduction to The E3 Transformational Triad
Week 2 – Miracle Mindedness
Week 3 – Miracle Matrixing
Week 4 – Miracle Mastery 
Weekly Guided Centering Meditations 


BONUS #1 – LIVE Online Q&A with Maureen
BONUS #2 – The Anatomy of a Miracle
BONUS #3 – A Meditation to Guide You to Enlightenment
BONUS #4 – Invite a Loved One to Experience Effortless Enlightenment Free of Charge!

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Our Guarantee:

Allowing yourself to adopt a miraculous perspective is key to experiencing a happy life. If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your price for this course is just $297 ($100 off the usual price of $397 for a limited time).

I am offering this course because I want as many people to access the world of the miraculous as possible. From my personal experience, I sincerely believe that Effortless Enlightenment using the E3 Transformational Triad method is the most clear, accessible path to that goal of true transformation.

If you don’t see a shift in your perception by the end of 30 days, I will give you your money back. You have nothing to lose – but everything to gain!

I don't need to tell you that you’re ready to experience a miraculous life. You already know the answer in your gut, as you read this.

If you decide to take this course, I know we’ll bring Heaven to earth together.

With Love and Abundant Blessings,



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