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The 3 Steps That Will Reveal Miracles to You In Your Everyday Life (Even If You're Not Sure You Believe In Them) 

“We can open our eyes to a deeper, more profound reality. One where miracles aren't an exception, but the very fabric of existence.”

– Maureen Whitehouse

Join Maureen Whitehouse for Miracles Demystified, and you will learn:

How to shift your perspective so that you can see the miraculous before your very eyes
How to embody the miraculous so that you experience miracles all day, every day (especially when you need them most)
How you can master spiritual principles that will allow you to unlock your own personal power (to propel your own, unique mission in life forward)

I'm Maureen Whitehouse. In 1996 While studying A Course in Miracles, I experienced what The Course calls “The Atonement” or At-One-ment, Absolute Self Realization. This intense and empowering encounter created a total shift in my perception literally overnight

Since this profound awaking I have lived my life helping people unmask their Divinity so that they can live purposeful, peaceful and powerful lives. Today I work with highly motivated individuals in all walks of life, from successful entrepreneurs and prominent performing artists to those simply in need of change, helping them to restore their trust in the process of life.
I can help you shift your perception of every personal hell into a miraculous view of heaven.

What people are saying about Maureen and her work...

“I can say with utmost certainty that Maureen helped me to change my life.”

Cindi Renzi

Vice President of Operations & Training, Rosa Mexicano

"We can hear the same teachings over and over, but sometimes it is not until that one special soul, that miracle worker, comes into our life and delivers the message in a way that ‘hits home’ that we begin to actually understand our true nature and purpose. This is what Maureen has done for me."


Production Coordinator, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

"What Maureen offers is nothing short of life-changing – a new way of thinking, a new vision. The only requirement is wanting to see things differently – to recognize that there must be a better way. Maureen helped us to open the door to our hearts and let Love in. Expect miracles!”

Timothy Maynard

IT Professional

Discover how – in 3 steps – you can achieve a powerful shift in perception that will unleash a tsunami of miracles into your life and guide you toward your Highest Purpose every day.

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