A Meditation for Overcoming Insecurity & Anxiety in Relationships

Are you StruggLing with a Painful Relationship?

Use this powerful tool: a guided meditation for accessing instant insight, release
 and peace of mind now

 experience This Meditation to:

Access Deep Emotional Release: Dissolve the blockages and walls of fear that may be surrounding your heart.
Feel Peace of Mind: Replace anxious, insecure, depressed thoughts with a peaceful sense of stability that will radiate out into all your relationships.
Feel Renewed Self-Love: Feel your harsh inner critic recede as you allow Unconditional Love and self-respect to grow from deep within.
Make Empowered Choices: Align with your truest desires so every decision you make effectively calls in the healthy, loving relationships you want.
Cultivate Soul-Full Connections: With your heart open, uninhibited and radiant, you will experience true bonds that resonate on a Soul-level 

Listen to this meditation daily or as-needed, for a welcome reprieve from your painful thoughts. It will guide you through an immediate shift in perception 
into the calm spaciousness where miracles occur. 
Unlock the Love and Peace you deserve. 

Hello, I’m Maureen Whitehouse.

After working with tens of thousands of people as a spiritual counselor and educator, I’ve noticed that many people (even the spiritually advanced) get hung up on thinking their life has to include suffering, sacrifice or seclusion. In my considerable experience, that just isn't the case.

I have a unique approach to spiritual awakening that I’ve developed over the last 25+ years to help sincere seekers access a joy-based path to

Anyone can do it in the midst of their everyday life, and it's paved in very tangible miracles.

This is a universal path – I know because I’ve taught it in settings as diverse as corporations, hospitals, schools, as a teaching fellow at Harvard and even in prisons. 

Is it time for you to leave suffering and sacrifice behind, to experience a life FULL of miracles?  I can help you do that now. 

Incredible! I entered this meditation one way and emerged like an entirely different person. 
You will not be able to listen to this mediation without experiencing an immediate shift in awareness.

Carrie B., School Psychologist

Whoa … I began listening to this meditation feeling defeated and, OK I’ll say it, pretty darn SH#TY, but I left it just now feeling elevated and inspired and like my feet can barely touch the ground.
Amazing. I feel Amazing! Life is Good!

Portia P., Management Analyst

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experience Fearless Love

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