From Pain to Power 

the miraculous approach that lifts you out of pain and into empowered action almost instantly.

From Pain to Power

the from pain to power Interactive Guidebook will guide you into empowered action and healing now

Using This Miraculous Approach, You Will:

Find the TRUE source of your pain. Most of the time what you think is causing you to hurt isn’t the real source. This guide will tell you how to find the root cause so you can heal the real problem at its source.
Instantly shift your perception of pain using empowered evidence from your OWN life. This is a technique that will show you real proof of your power.
Tune into the Divinity that lives within you so you always operate from your Highest Self and utilize the powers of healing you were born with.
Tell the difference between an ego response and a Divine one.  This is HUGE. Once you spot your disconnect from Divinity, you can instantly call it back and heal any situation miraculously.

You Can Access Healing Now, No Matter What Problems, Challenges, Obstacles or Pain Stand in Your Way.

Maureen Whitehouse is a spiritual teacher, best-selling author and inspirational speaker. In 1996, after several years of intensely studying the spiritual text A Course in Miracles, Maureen experienced what The Course calls “The Atonement” – Absolute Self Realization. This awakening completely transformed her perception overnight, and gave her the abilities of a spiritual seer.

Since that first profound encounter with the Divine, Maureen has devoted her life to helping others heal and transcend their greatest pain to confidently step into peaceful, powerful and purposeful lives. 

In addition to her one-to-one counseling practice, Maureen has published award-winning books, recorded dozens of online programs and hosts a podcast called Miracle RenegadeShe has served as both a teaching fellow at the Harvard Divinity School and a research fellow at the world-renown Langer Mindfulness Lab. 

Maureen is a teacher to the Core. She has an uncanny way of simplifying even the most complex concepts. Joy, serenity and wisdom radiate from every fiber of her being.

Susie Arnett

Sr. Director of Programming and Immersions at Canyon Ranch

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