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The Freedom of Forgiveness

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering we lay the groundwork of peace by exploring the most effective and profound tool available to us to experience heavenly bliss right here and right now with:

The Freedom of Forgiveness 

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you want to know:

  • A clear path of personal forgiveness that will free your mind to relinquish even particularly tenacious grievances and let go of grief
  • How to bring the power of awareness into play, to heal anything, by following 3 key steps of forgiveness
  • How forgiveness can make us feel instantaneously lighter and unburdened, even if we've been tied to resentments for years.
  • Ways to feel more effective in situations where conflicts need to be settled now.

During this impactful talk Maureen imparts miraculous and life altering Presence Practices, that you can put to use immediately to help you shift into a deeper state of awareness and perception of your self, so you can become free of your past and all of its suffering.

The Spookiest Story of All

For All Hallow's Eve, better known as Halloween Maureen was inspired to write and then reveal the spookiest bedtime story of all. A story that, if we're not vigilant we unfortunately tell ourselves, not just at bedtime, but all day every day.

Join Maureen as she unveils how you can go From Spooked to Spirited.

During this lively, fun and thought provoking conversation we explore the spookiest story of all... so you can more easily awaken to the happiest dream of all. 🙂

Receptivity is Everything

You were born with this... the innate ability to receive... and it is the very most important gift that you have ever had, or have ever been given. In fact, because of this gift your essential nature is one of pure potential and infinite possibility always.  

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you want to know:

  • How giving and receiving are nothing other than being in the flow of life
  • The #1 way to have your every need met
  • The miraculous process of circulating joy and affluence in your life (and the lives of others.)
  • Ways to tap into the gift of receptivity that has its own perfect timing, organization and beauty.

Everything that comes to you isn't something you earn, but a gift freely given by the universe, which means that it comes from a deep awareness of what you personally need.

The Healed Healer
The Miraculous Journey Beyond Yourself to Absolute Healing  

Welcome to this illuminating first part of this three part series, that gives you an in-depth look into healing and exactly how sickness and disease originates, with:
The Anatomy of an Illness

Each and every day, in some way, we are touched by someone who needs healing - whether it be ourselves or someone we love or know or someone we see just in passing -- relatives, neighbors, friends -- chances are there is someone you know who suffers in some way with mental, emotional or physical illness. Never has that been more likely than in today's world as we collectively navigate the current pandemic.

This powerful event is for anyone who is, or knows anyone in pain; anyone who suffers from acute or chronic illness, to those who share the experience of illness or disability as members of a family or social circle as well as the professionals who care for them. Because of the depth and scope of this topic, this series of live events will be broken down into three parts. This week we will start at the beginning, with:

PART 1: The Anatomy of an Illness

During Part One of this live Miracle Meeting Place event we will explore The Anatomy of an Illness by gently dissecting our individual and collective relationship to pain. We begin by unveiling:

  • The miraculous perspective of sickness and healing
  • Where all sickness arises from
  • The shift in perception required for healing to take place
  • How to facilitate healing for yourself and others

Come join us as we explore this profound and impactful topic of healing from every angle. We'll leave no stone unturned as together we do a deep-dive with the intention to transcend one of the greatest illusions of all.

This course session is for you if you would like to know the #1 obstacle to miraculous healing and how to transcend it. 

The Healed Healer
Your Healed Self & The Nature of Perfect Health

We continue the journey of miraculous healing with PART II of the series:
Your Healed Self & the Nature of Perfect Health

Are you ready to experience the healthiest version of yourself?
During Part One of this live Miracle Meeting Place event we explored The Anatomy of an Illness by gently dissecting our individual and collective relationship to pain. In this course session we deepen and personalize the experience.
After a brief recap of Part I, we'll dive into the possibility of living a life of perfect health by unveiling:

  • The subtleties and art of miraculous healing
  • How to claim perfect health for yourself now by experiencing
    the part of you that is free from disease, never feels pain, is
    ageless and never dies
  • How you can facilitate healing for yourself and others (hint:
    you can't experience one without the other)
  • The most effective ways to assist the natural process of
    healing and maintaining perfect health, so that you can enjoy
    a long lifetime of well-being and joy.

No matter what your current experience you can Discover the Nature of Perfect Health as you Reconnect with your True Self now. 

The Healed Healer
The Highest Healing

We continue the journey of miraculous healing with PART III of the series:
The Highest Healing

During Part One and Two of this live Miracle Meeting Place event we explored The Anatomy of an Illness and The Nature of Perfect Health by gently dissecting our individual and collective relationship to pain. During this segment we deepen and personalize the experience of what True Healing really is and reveal how common people are doing the often uncommon and experiencing supernatural healing.

After a brief recap of Part I and 2, we dive directly into this often uncharted territory to unveil:

  • The often hidden purpose and the process of illness
  • The miraculous definition of healing and how to access
    supernatural healing yourself.
  • False vs. True Healing
  • The ideal healer-patient relationship that awakens true healing
  • The Holiness of Healing and Life after life.

You can access miraculous healing in your life and  facilitate that most blessed experience in others. 

Your Comments, Experiences and Insights about this Teaching are Most Welcome...

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  • Michael French

    Reply Reply September 17, 2021

    Hello Maureen
    I have a concern, it seems that when some people are having what I would call a melt down. Reasoning seems to be blocked for the person. How can I best help them. I can see exactly why the suffering is occurring but it seems like they just can’t see it, as obvious as it appears 🙏🏻

    Warmly/Michael French

    • Maureen Whitehouse

      Reply Reply September 22, 2021

      Hello Michael
      Good question… yes, many people in the world, most especially during the pandemic, have been feeling more stressed and disconnected from their Inner Being. Perhaps it’s a result of constantly being barraged with foreboding headlines and “the crisis of the day” or the fact that they are experiencing challenging circumstances themselves – loss of job, illness of loved ones, or just flat out fear.
      The very best way for you to help them, hands down, is to do your best to remain conscious, no matter what is going on outside of you.
      I have personally found that the best way to do this is to cultivate a consistent and deliberate morning practice of Being Still and connecting to your Inner Being before your day even begins.
      They way I typically suggest doing this is, before you even open your eyes in the morning, just stay in bed, feeling relaxed and comfortable. And then acknowledge with gratitude, how relaxed and comfortable you are. Feeling gratitude is always a great place to begin getting connected!
      Then, when you are feeling grateful and connected begin to visualize the type of day that would make you feel and stay connected, even while you go about your day-to-day activity. Perhaps you see your drive to work as traffic-free, or a work meeting going seamlessly and smoothly. You can pre-pave the way, in your mind and heart, into all of the many encounters you will have that day – see them as joyful and happy.
      And as you visualize these things, say to your Inner Being, “and bring these things to me in ways that surprise and delight me so that I know you’re listening to me now.”
      That way you are relaxing into an ongoing experience of co-creating with the Divine, all day long.
      And remember, “the one who relaxes the most wins!”

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