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Awake is the New Sleep

Sleep has always mattered, but post-pandemic Maureen noticed that many people are being effected by irregular sleep patterns - perhaps more than ever before sleep deprivation has become a "top of mind" issue for many.

The good news is, there is an aware approach to sleep that helps awaken us to our best life.

Enjoy this Masterclass where Maureen shares with you the many ways that being Awake in your life can beneficially effect your quality of sleep and exponentially enhance the quality of your waking life. Join Maureen as we do a deep dive into an immensely valuable topic with:

Awake is the New Sleep

During this valuable Masterclass we discuss:

  • the profound effect of Awareness on sleep
  • Sleep routines to awaken your Spirit
  • The art of lucid dreaming
  • A rejuvenating sleep meditation
  • Active regeneration - how to rest without sleep

And so much more...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracles - Part 3

We continue our cutting edge conversation with:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracles (But were Afraid to Ask) - Part 3 

This series is a great hit! So many Miracle Meeting Place members sent in so many wonderful questions about miracles Maureen could only get to about half of them during the last Miracle Meeting Place special event. So After a brief guided meditation, and short talk revealing, The Absolute Best Way to Stay on a Miraculous Path, Maureen gets right to it, with an extended Q & A, in which our members get specific questions about miracles answered directly.

If you feel it's time for you to come to a clear understanding of Miracles so you can embrace this experience as part of your every day life you don't want to miss this event.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracles - Part 2

We continue our cutting edge conversation with:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracles (But were Afraid to Ask) - Part 2  

There were so many wonderful questions about miracles that I could only get to about half of them during our last Miracle Meeting Place special event: Everything You Ever Waned to Know About Miracles (But Were Afraid to Ask) - Part 1 (see below)
So After a brief guided meditation, and short talk revealing, 5 failsafe ways to sit yourself squarely in the path of miracles when you need them most, we'll get right to it, with another extended Q & A, in which you get your specific questions about miracles answered directly. 

If you feel it's time for you to come to a clear understanding of Miracles so you can embrace this experience as part of your every day life, join me and other kindred souls for this lively Miracle Meeting Place special event.

Watch or listen in, and expect miracles!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracles - Part 1

If you feel it's time for you to come to a clear understanding of Miracles so you can embrace this experience as part of your every day life, join Maureen and other kindred souls for this lively Miracle Meeting Place special event.

After a brief guided meditation, this lively discussion begins by revealing the one and only way to access Miracles. Then Maureen goes directly into an extended Q & A, in which participants get their specific questions about miracles answered directly.

This  special event is specifically designed to answer any burning questions about miracles that you may have. If you find you are left with any further questions, you can always contact us  at with any sincere inquiries you may have for future Q & A events.  Enjoy this special event and EXPECT MIRACLES!

What is Enlightenment?

Are you one of the many people who has wondered, "What is Enlightenment?
If so, rest assured, you're not alone.

Enlightenment is a word that has gotten so entangled with vague confusion, mainly because there isn't an accepted definition that allows for general discussion where everyone agrees on the meaning.

Yet despite all of the fuzziness, the awareness of the topic has evolved tremendously over the past few decades, making the possibility of enlightenment closer and closer to every day experience.

If you feel it's time for you to come to a clear understanding of Enlightenment so you can embrace this experience as part of your every day life, enjoy this lively Miracle Meeting Place special event where Maureen talks in-depth about
the Secret to Enlightenment.

Introduction to the
E3 Transformational Triad

All of my work as a spiritual teacher—published titles, private one-to-one counseling sessions, speaking engagements with corporations, universities, and prisons—is based on a core approach with three distinct phases. I've used this process to liberate people from painful and limiting perceptions for over two decades since 1996. It wasn’t until several years after my spiritual awakening, that I found the words to describe this approach to liberation. Here's what happened...

One early morning, while I was taking a meditative walk along the beach at sunrise, something I did daily while I lived on the ocean, I was inspired to inwardly ask the Divine, “How can I best and most effectively impart the liberating truths I’ve experienced in my own life to others?”

The E³ Transformational Triad came to me in a vision fully intact.

The image of a triangle, fundamental to the vision, was vivid in my mind’s eye. It illustrates the interconnectedness between the three aspects within this methodology. Each is dependent upon the others, but also amplified exponentially when combined.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event I will teach the Transformational Triad to you.

Here's How It Works…

The fundamental goal of the Triad is to shift your awareness toward the miraculous.

This transformation of consciousness—a spiritual awakening—is what I see as the purpose of each individual’s life, as well as the next step for our evolving planet.

The three complimentary phases of the Triad are: Miracle Mindedness, Miracle Matrixing and Miracle Mastery.

Through these three steps, you are enabled to embrace a tangible sense of the Divine in your life, fully embody your liberated miraculous nature and finally expand your vision of the miraculous into the world.

During this special event I give you insight into all three of the phases of this Triad. Come prepared to receive and enjoy a truly tangible Miraculous experience.

Phase 1 of the E3 Transformational Triad
Miracle Mindedness

Perhaps recently, while looking at a particularly disturbing headline about today's tumultuous and trying times, you've thought, "there must be a better way." Fortunately for all of us, there is! It might be a road less traveled, but it is available to anyone, and there's never been a better time than now to step onto a miraculous path - one where you experience tangible miracles all day every day.

If you're interested in such a life, you'll be especially interested in this Part 2 of the E3 Transformational Triad Series,

Miracle Mindedness

In this phase, no stone is left unturned, no challenge unmet, as you adopt an entirely new perspective in which you fully embrace life (all of it!)

There will never be a path to awakening that is more effective or efficient than your own life. As soon as you commit to such a path, you immediately feel blessed with a powerful newfound sense of purpose. Just by showing up to your life with deliberate awareness, you will enjoy being more alert and alive and embracing of what you might have avoided at all costs before—your feelings (most especially pain). What before felt frightening, guilt-ridden and dramatic now becomes not only tolerable, but fascinating and revelatory to you.

Unload your burdens, troubles, struggles, tragedies and limitations. This stage extricates you from the middle of it all by first providing immediate relief from the story of pain that you’re used to experiencing. You are lifted up, freed perhaps for the first time, to take a bird’s eye view of your life. Then, from this wide-angle perspective, you are able to single out and shatter the beliefs that are the source of your pain. What is left? The ability to embrace and be entirely present in your life, without judgment or guilt.

You will develop your potential to see what is typically unseen, purifying your perception and allowing you to experience Heaven, right here on earth. Even in the most dire and challenging circumstances, you will learn how to recognize the miraculous that is happening to you and for you right now.

No longer will you stuff, stifle or numb your emotions. Instead, you will realize their value to you. Your emotions have been your personal guidance system all along—the indication of your connection or lack of connection to your Inner Being or the Voice of your own best interest.

With Miracle Mindedness, you enjoy the liberation of actually feeling your feelings and capably choosing the ones that align with your highest self.

Phase 2 of the E3 Transformational Triad
Miracle Matrixing

Isn't it time for you to live a tangibly miraculous life?

Many people despite years and even decades of spiritual seeking and practice, find that genuinely stepping into a miraculous life, one where you experience miracles all day every day, is still somehow out of reach.

If that sounds like you, we're excited to invite you to this teaching where Maureen shares with you the core tools and practices that she's seen help many, many people make a leap into the kind of spiritual life that they've only sensed was possible.

This is a deep dive into Phase 2 of the Transformational Triad with:

Miracle Matrixing

During this seminar Maureen shares:

  • A powerful practice you can engage with anytime to infuse your life and your every action with miracles.
  • How to cultivate an inner compass that will help you stay aligned with Spirit no matter what is going on in your life.
  • The simple but profound shift you can easily make that will enable you to bring not only miracles but wisdom and awakening to every moment of your life.
  • The three secrets to living a continuously miraculous life.

Maureen says, "If there's one thing I know, it's that the Miraculous Path to Awakening is both simpler, more direct and more accessible than most of us think."

Be prepared to receive and enjoy a truly tangible Miraculous experience.

Phase 3 of the E3 Transformational Triad
Miracle Mastery

When we start out on a spiritual path, the hope for most of us is that an extraordinary spiritual transformation is possible. We want nothing less than to attain an ongoing experience of radical realignment that not only liberates us on the deepest level, but gives our life profound meaning and infuses our every waking moment with sense of purpose and a tangible realization of the sacred.

I want you to know that your realization of this highest potential is possible, even if after years or even decades of "working on" yourself with disappointing or mixed results.

And even more than possible... your most miraculous life awaits you now!

Now we put all of the phases of the Triad together as we do a deep dive into Phase 3 of the Transformational Triad with:

Miracle Mastery

During this seminar Maureen shares exactly how in this final phase of the E3 Transformational Triad:

  • We attain remarkable mental clarity that appears exactly when needed, intuitively. We are freed from the need to cling to the intellect or grasp at certainty.
  • We become profoundly receptive and open and quite naturally drawn to simplicity, allowing us to access an elegant flow of grace that pervades our every moment. Synchronicities now pave our way in life.
  • We occupy a state of inherent bliss, so we no longer feel an impulse to grasp at anything, including states of ecstasy or love. We are now tangibly at one with the Source of these things.
  • We let go of identification with the mind and abandon any attachment to the self, enabling us to live as a transparent, vibrant vessel for the Infinite. Life flows through us gracefully and effortlessly.

As a Course in Miracles puts it: "This is the stage of real peace, for here is Heaven's state fully reflected. From here the way to Heaven is open and easy. In fact, it is here. Who would "go" anywhere if peace of mind is already complete?"

A note from Maureen:
"This may sound fantastical. But I know, from my own first-hand experience, that this is not just wishful thinking, this is actually what it is like to live a fully liberated miraculous life. This is what's really possible for your life to become. You want this...
If there's one thing I know, it's that the Miraculous Path to Awakening is both simpler, more direct and more accessible than most of us think. And you want to become a master of your own miraculous life now!"

War vs. Peace

Perhaps there's never been a more important time to be miracle minded than right now, as world events continue to buffet humankind about. Even if you only glance at the headlines, it's enough to make you feel off-center and in need of an oasis.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event you will discover  how you can:

  • Access Peace Now
  • Awaken to the Miraculous in Tumultuous Times to help you put your life and world events into perspective
  • Reframe harrowing headlines to see the current situation as a catalyst rather than a catastrophe
  • Gain true clarity of Vision (because we can use all of the visionaries we can get!)
  • Be reminded of the importance of your own individual Self-care as a gift to all of humanity.

Enjoy deliberately claiming some precious time of extended peace, wellbeing and consciousness. And know that - just by settling in to enjoy this event - you are truly being a gift to the world.

Tools for Transformation

Throughout the years Maureen has had the good fortune to be exposed to many profound and powerful spiritual tools -- the most valuable of which she has incorporated into her own daily life. Although fundamentally esoteric in nature, each tool is simple and specific and results-oriented, with the potential to revolutionize your life, so you can live in your own personal zone of excellence.

If you'd like to discover these amazing tools, and learn how to incorporate them into your life, join Maureen for this Miracle Meeting Place event:

Tools for Transformation

Perhaps you long for new opportunities, an improved financial situation, better relationships, more stillness and calm, or a deeper spiritual connection. No matter what your desires may be, this Miracle Meeting Place event can be a launch pad for turning your dreams into reality.

The Power of Bliss

Here's a question for you... Are you ready to live a life of Bliss? True Bliss, Real Bliss, Tangible Bliss?

The great American mythologist Joseph Campbell inspired people when he first used the phrase, “Follow your Bliss!” because he offered a vision that was radically different from the notion that hard work, persistence, and keeping your nose to the grindstone was the key to success. But Bliss is something more, and following Bliss is not only a happier more fulfilling path, it is the only path to total transcendence.

Who hasn’t experienced love, compassion, inspiration, beauty, and joy some time in their life? But these scattered glimpses are far from organized and integrated into normal life. It's time for that to change... It's time to stay consistently in alignment with Bliss as a natural experience of life. Following your Bliss is not only a joyful path, but the only path that leads to living a life of effortless ease that is paved with miracles.

During this Miracle Meeting Place event we explore and answer the questions:

* What are the tell-tale qualities of true Bliss?
* How can you immediately get on your own unique track to a
Blissful life?
* Does following my Bliss require me to drop my relationships or
jump jobs?
* How can you more comfortably step into the unknown with
confidence, letting Bliss lead the way?

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you would like to step out of a life of fear and limitation and connect more substantially to the "something more" that leads you directly into living your most Blissful life now.


Begin Again: How to Experience Tangible Transcendence, Transformation and Triumph in the Year to Come 

Are you ready to make a leap into a whole new life this year?
Are you Interested in paving your way all day, every day with miracles? Then you'll want to experience this Miracle Meeting Place Special Event:

Begin Again!
How to Experience Tangible Transcendence, Transformation and Triumph in the Year to Come

The custom of starting the New Year with a resolution has good intentions behind it. With a little self-reflection, we all see areas of our life we’d like to improve and bad habits we’d like to break. But for most people, perhaps as many as 90 percent, good intentions don’t get very far. They forget their New Year’s resolution as the force of habit and conditioning take hold again.

There is a better way, and it’s based on miraculous intervention, so there's no trouble or toil involved. Join Maureen to learn how to tap into this state of Absolute Grace in 2022 and beyond (no matter what is happening in the world around you.)

You deserve to live a miraculous life now!

The Perfect Pace of Peace

‘Tis the season for joyful gatherings with family and friends, remembering your blessings, and enjoying celebrations. But it can also be a season full of expectations and stress as you might scramble to deck the halls, bake endless batches of cookies, and pick out the perfect presents.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the perfect holiday season? A time in which you watch incredulously as miracles literally pave your way, and there are welcomed surprises and delights at every turn? This year, why not find out, by joining me as we enter into: The Perfect Pace of Peace

If you would like to step out of the typical holiday mode and connect more substantially to the "something more" that makes everything feel especially merry and bright then this Miracle Meeting Place gathering is for you.

The Freedom of Forgiveness

During this Miracle Meeting Place gathering we lay the groundwork of peace by exploring the most effective and profound tool available to us to experience heavenly bliss right here and right now with:

The Freedom of Forgiveness 

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you want to know:

  • A clear path of personal forgiveness that will free your mind to relinquish even particularly tenacious grievances and let go of grief
  • How to bring the power of awareness into play, to heal anything, by following 3 key steps of forgiveness
  • How forgiveness can make us feel instantaneously lighter and unburdened, even if we've been tied to resentments for years.
  • Ways to feel more effective in situations where conflicts need to be settled now.

During this impactful talk Maureen imparts miraculous and life altering Presence Practices, that you can put to use immediately to help you shift into a deeper state of awareness and perception of your self, so you can become free of your past and all of its suffering.

The Spookiest Story of All

For All Hallow's Eve, better known as Halloween Maureen was inspired to write and then reveal the spookiest bedtime story of all. A story that, if we're not vigilant we unfortunately tell ourselves, not just at bedtime, but all day every day.

Join Maureen as she unveils how you can go From Spooked to Spirited.

During this lively, fun and thought provoking conversation we explore the spookiest story of all... so you can more easily awaken to the happiest dream of all. 🙂

Receptivity is Everything

You were born with this... the innate ability to receive... and it is the very most important gift that you have ever had, or have ever been given. In fact, because of this gift your essential nature is one of pure potential and infinite possibility always.  

This Miracle Meeting Place event is for you if you want to know:

  • How giving and receiving are nothing other than being in the flow of life
  • The #1 way to have your every need met
  • The miraculous process of circulating joy and affluence in your life (and the lives of others.)
  • Ways to tap into the gift of receptivity that has its own perfect timing, organization and beauty.

Everything that comes to you isn't something you earn, but a gift freely given by the universe, which means that it comes from a deep awareness of what you personally need.

The Healed Healer
The Miraculous Journey Beyond Yourself to Absolute Healing  

Welcome to this illuminating first part of this three part series, that gives you an in-depth look into healing and exactly how sickness and disease originates, with:
The Anatomy of an Illness

Each and every day, in some way, we are touched by someone who needs healing - whether it be ourselves or someone we love or know or someone we see just in passing -- relatives, neighbors, friends -- chances are there is someone you know who suffers in some way with mental, emotional or physical illness. Never has that been more likely than in today's world as we collectively navigate the current pandemic.

This powerful event is for anyone who is, or knows anyone in pain; anyone who suffers from acute or chronic illness, to those who share the experience of illness or disability as members of a family or social circle as well as the professionals who care for them. Because of the depth and scope of this topic, this series of live events will be broken down into three parts. This week we will start at the beginning, with:

PART 1: The Anatomy of an Illness

During Part One of this live Miracle Meeting Place event we will explore The Anatomy of an Illness by gently dissecting our individual and collective relationship to pain. We begin by unveiling:

  • The miraculous perspective of sickness and healing
  • Where all sickness arises from
  • The shift in perception required for healing to take place
  • How to facilitate healing for yourself and others

Come join us as we explore this profound and impactful topic of healing from every angle. We'll leave no stone unturned as together we do a deep-dive with the intention to transcend one of the greatest illusions of all.

This course session is for you if you would like to know the #1 obstacle to miraculous healing and how to transcend it. 

The Healed Healer
Your Healed Self & The Nature of Perfect Health

We continue the journey of miraculous healing with PART II of the series:
Your Healed Self & the Nature of Perfect Health

Are you ready to experience the healthiest version of yourself?
During Part One of this live Miracle Meeting Place event we explored The Anatomy of an Illness by gently dissecting our individual and collective relationship to pain. In this course session we deepen and personalize the experience.
After a brief recap of Part I, we'll dive into the possibility of living a life of perfect health by unveiling:

  • The subtleties and art of miraculous healing
  • How to claim perfect health for yourself now by experiencing
    the part of you that is free from disease, never feels pain, is
    ageless and never dies
  • How you can facilitate healing for yourself and others (hint:
    you can't experience one without the other)
  • The most effective ways to assist the natural process of
    healing and maintaining perfect health, so that you can enjoy
    a long lifetime of well-being and joy.

No matter what your current experience you can Discover the Nature of Perfect Health as you Reconnect with your True Self now. 

How Healing Happens

We continue the journey of miraculous healing with This BONUS SECTION of the series: The Highest Healing

This transformational teaching reveals the highest form of healing and literally everything you need to know about healing as imparted by one of the world's, if not the world's, most adept miracle healers - Jesus.

It will help you to unleash your own innate Divine capacity to heal miraculously.

You will learn:

  • How even an individual who feels motivated by alarm, fear and the dread of uncertainty can heal. 
  • Exact ways to let go of harmful thoughts that effect you mentally, emotionally, vitally and physically. 
  • The purpose of sickness and the mindset necessary to shift  away from sickness and toward healing immediately
  • The one thought that offers instantaneous healing
  • The only truly important function of healers
  • How to insure that healing is certain and transcend all perceptions of various degrees of difficulty in healing.

This module offers an extraordinary approach to healing and is the only way that people who have experienced miraculous recoveries from cancer and other serious illnesses have done it (whether they know it, or not). Enjoy this teaching with an open mind and heart.

This module is the icing on the cake of these profound teachings on healing and will help you to follow and live from the Source of Infinite Love and Ultimate Healing within you. 

Your Comments, Experiences and Insights about this Teaching are Most Welcome...

Add your thoughts below in the comments section!


  • Michael French

    Reply Reply September 17, 2021

    Hello Maureen
    I have a concern, it seems that when some people are having what I would call a melt down. Reasoning seems to be blocked for the person. How can I best help them. I can see exactly why the suffering is occurring but it seems like they just can’t see it, as obvious as it appears 🙏🏻

    Warmly/Michael French

    • Maureen Whitehouse

      Reply Reply September 22, 2021

      Hello Michael
      Good question… yes, many people in the world, most especially during the pandemic, have been feeling more stressed and disconnected from their Inner Being. Perhaps it’s a result of constantly being barraged with foreboding headlines and “the crisis of the day” or the fact that they are experiencing challenging circumstances themselves – loss of job, illness of loved ones, or just flat out fear.
      The very best way for you to help them, hands down, is to do your best to remain conscious, no matter what is going on outside of you.
      I have personally found that the best way to do this is to cultivate a consistent and deliberate morning practice of Being Still and connecting to your Inner Being before your day even begins.
      They way I typically suggest doing this is, before you even open your eyes in the morning, just stay in bed, feeling relaxed and comfortable. And then acknowledge with gratitude, how relaxed and comfortable you are. Feeling gratitude is always a great place to begin getting connected!
      Then, when you are feeling grateful and connected begin to visualize the type of day that would make you feel and stay connected, even while you go about your day-to-day activity. Perhaps you see your drive to work as traffic-free, or a work meeting going seamlessly and smoothly. You can pre-pave the way, in your mind and heart, into all of the many encounters you will have that day – see them as joyful and happy.
      And as you visualize these things, say to your Inner Being, “and bring these things to me in ways that surprise and delight me so that I know you’re listening to me now.”
      That way you are relaxing into an ongoing experience of co-creating with the Divine, all day long.
      And remember, “the one who relaxes the most wins!”

  • Michael French

    Reply Reply June 4, 2022

    Hello Maureen and Everyone,
    I hope you are all well, and I know that if you aren’t feeling well, you have the tools to rise above whatever that may be. This comment will be about lesson 132. I believe it was in the teaching. I could not help but think of the Bible story where the father was asked to sacrifice his son. This, to me, had to be the moment he realized this was all a big joke, and He had his eyes opened to not seeing the world the way he was. I would have been forced to unsee the world as it was, and I think this is what he was trying to teach. I could see some wise masters thinking of this as teaching that fifty loves equal fifty woes, but if you put a love filter on. Then we see the whole picture or at least one that I would instead embody. Thank you all for being on this journey with me you are priceless and thankfully eternal.

    Michael French

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