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Hide and Seek 

Perhaps you've noticed that most people move through life a little uncomfortable, a little afraid, a little nervous and a little excited. There is always something to seek that seems just a little bit better, or more enticing, than the moment we are in.
We work hard to achieve things, but often on the cusp of attaining them we hold back and retreat, denying ourselves full embrace of the experience.

Of course we can, and often do blame others or circumstances for thwarting our best laid plans, but the truth is the majority of us act more like children playing hide and seek, waiting to be found, yet hoping we won't be, sometimes even biting our nails with anticipation.

We have a way of keeping ourselves on our toes - always just a little on edge. We worry when opportunity approaches a little too closely, and then hide deeper in the shadows when fear overcomes us. What is that?

In this Miracle Meeting Place gathering we answer that fascinating question while unearthing why we often avoid living our own best lives with, Hide and Seek: The Divine Play of Life.

Come discover how this ongoing game of hide and seek with the Divine is itself a deep journey, both human and Divine. And more importantly realize how you can stop seeking and finally be found!

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