Have you wished or prayed for a miracle? Miracles are real, and they don't just happen to "special" people. This short and sweet (and free!) eBook will teach you how to tap into a miraculous life right now...

The Miracle Worker's Guide to the Galaxy

A Handy Handbook for Conscious Evolutionaries

Miracle Workers Guide to The Galaxy Free eBook by Maureen Whitehouse

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Discover how to tap into a miraculous life right now.

Meet the Author

Maureen Whitehouse is a practicing spiritual teacher and miracle mentor. 

For over 20 years, she has taught a unique brand of practical spirituality that invites us all to perceive and experience miracles in the midst of everyday, “normal” life. Not only has she written award winning and best selling books on this subject, but she has also published dozens of programs, given international lectures and she currently hosts a podcast called Miracle Renegade. 

Maureen’s teachings, all gained through first-hand experience and the principles of A Course in Miracles, have helped countless people find inner peace during the most challenging times.

Maureen Whitehouse Spiritual Teacher and Miracle Mentor

Maureen Whitehouse
Spiritual Teacher,
Miracle Mentor

Maureen believes that miracles are our birthright.
She wrote 
The Miracle Worker's Guide To The Galaxy to
 make them more accessible to everyone. 

That includes you.

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