Where We Expect Miracles, So Miracles Happen.

Dear friend, 

There is a better, easier way to experience life. You can live the peaceful, joyful, fulfilling life that you want to live… beginning now.

One thing you know for certain is you are here now!

How you got here is not anywhere as important as the fact that YOU ARE HERE! And now that you are here and ready to focus on miracles, your path will light up for you day by day. 

This is your moment – this is not only what you’ve come here for, but what all of humanity has been poised for. This is what life is all about – to be living on planet earth feeling your invincibility, and your own infinite potential and knowing when and how to act in miraculous ways with divine timing. This is the reason you are alive, to expand your awareness of your True Self. 

Yes there has always been evolution and yes it will always be so, but the reason it feels so much more important and so much bigger and more significant now is because so many more of us are intending to wakeup now and be deliberately miraculous and conscious creators. 

These are extraordinary times. This is the beginning of experiencing what you are all about. It’s like you’ve lived a thousand lifetimes just to be ready for this. That is why it feels so important to you. 

And why all of the rest of the drama in the world feels so insignificant in comparison. 

REALIZATION, REALIZATION, REALIZATION – That is the name of this game. 


  • Turning an illness into wellness here and now
  • Creating positive change in a situation that’s existed for generations, for lifetimes, for eons.
  • Turing delightful thoughts into delightful things effortlessly and expediently
  • Deciding to be happy and really mean that, and then practicing being that until you’re really good at it all of the time!

That is a love that is undeniable. That’s a love you were born to live. That’s a love you signed up for this lifetime. You said, “I want to be in on that!”

I have put my heart and soul into creating The Miracle Meeting Place for just one reason: ever since I woke up from a life of pain and suffering in 1996, I have been on fire with an intense desire to share my experience with others. That day I learned irrevocably that Miracles are real and I was convinced that anyone who applied even a fraction of what I discovered to their lives could bring about rapid, positive change.

I’ve always been intensely practical, so since I entered the world of the miraculous myself, I have looked for clear explanations to help others gain real and immediate access to the miraculous too. Whenever I work with anyone, they walk away with tangible results that are transferable to every aspect of their life. 

I know the principles behind The Miracle Meeting Place work for two major reasons. First, I live them. Second, I’ve taught them to thousands of individuals and they have worked for every single person who has seriously applied the ideas in their own life.

The tools I will impart to you in our Miracle Meetings are the very same strategies I have shared with all of my personal clients, from every day people to preeminent leaders in business, health and wellness to corporate CEOs, as well as doctors and psychotherapists.  

This information is practical, but profoundly revelatory and heart-opening. During our time together, I will guide you through exercises and experiences that will empower you to live deliberately, in a constant state of grace. That is my most basic goal – to position you in an effortless, enduring, miraculous state of grace.

I do hope you choose to become part of this exciting community as we deliberately and profoundly affect the consciousness of humanity. 

You deserve this! The world deserves this! You are entitled to awaken to your life’s purpose and to own that you are Miraculous now. Join the Miracle Meeting Place today, and tap your innate potential for accessing a whole new level of consciousness and freedom on EVERY level.

With you on the Journey


This is the Essential Meeting Place for Conscious Evolutionaries. 

An Experience to Accelerate Awareness, Evoke Miraculous Experiences and Inspire Your True Calling on Earth. 

Welcome to The Miracle Meeting Place

What is The Miracle Meeting Place?

The Miracle Meeting Place is the most comprehensive teaching experience offered by miracle mentor Maureen Whitehouse, outside of her one-to-one personal counseling. 

She originally designed it as a gathering place for all her current and former clients. On this private platform, they could meet other miracle-minded people like themselves and continue to receive Maureen's presence and support even after their personal work with her was complete. This is especially important because even the most aware people need consistent reminders and support as they walk the awakened path. (Not to mention, it can be so much more FUN when you walk it alongside a tribe of kindred souls!)   

Now, Maureen is opening The Miracle Meeting Place to all people around the world who are ready to deepen their spiritual practice and fully commit to living a Miraculous Life. 

As a member of The Miracle Meeting Place, you'll receive ongoing bi-monthly teachings, Q+A sessions, practical exercises and meditations broadcast directly to you from Maureen. It's a platform designed to provide you with long-form, in-depth teachings on the finer points of Miraculous Living, as well as quick injections of daily inspiration and joyful support. But perhaps the most powerful part of your Miracle Meeting Place membership will be your access to a vibrant and ever-growing virtual community of people like you. Souls who are dedicated to awakening and living a highly engaged, miraculous life.

Here's what you can expect to experience in The Miracle Meeting Place: 

The Miracle Meeting Place Goes Wherever You Go
A new understanding of where you are on your spiritual journey, and how to best proceed (with support!)
A releasing of self-imposed limitations and obstacles to spiritual awakening
A new mental awareness in which your natural default is to expect miracles - especially in the midst of challenging times
The space to cultivate quality time with yourself that feeds and deeply nurtures you.
An engaged community of like-minded people who are just as committed as you are to embodying presence, Peace and a their True Selves.
A rich archive of resources and teachings to help you not only recognize but LIVE your inherent Power as a Miraculous being on earth. 

Here you will develop the skills, practices and mindset that allow for miracles to be a natural and expected part of your everyday life.

About Spiritual
Teacher and

Miracle Mentor 
Maureen Whitehouse...

Miracle Mentor and Spiritual Teacher Maureen Whitehouse

Maureen Whitehouse is a practicing spiritual teacher, Harvard-trained theologian, mystic and miracle mentor.  In 1996, while in the midst of her "normal" life as a working wife and mother, she experienced a profound inner transformation. Through this spontaneous awakening, Maureen gained the abilities of a Seershe could see through the pain of those around her. Within weeks of the experience, people began to seek out her help, unsolicited. They came with their deepest, darkest troubles, and one after another they confirmed the universal truth of what Maureen's own awakening had taught her: all pain is grace in the making and miracles are always at hand. From then on, Maureen would dedicate her life to helping people of all kinds experience their own profound awakenings, from students to psychotherapists to prison inmates. 

For 25 years now, Maureen has taught her unique approach to "practical spirituality" that invites us all to perceive and experience miracles day to day. She is an award winning and best-selling author on this subject. She also publishes dozens of programs on miraculous living, hosts a podcast and lectures internationally. Maureen’s simple teachings, all gained through first-hand experience and her continual study of A Course in Miracles, have already helped countless clients, readers and listeners around the world.

She is an adept at facilitating miracles. 

We can hear the same teachings over and over, but sometimes it is not until that one special soul, that miracle worker, comes into our life and delivers the message in a way that ‘hits home’ that we begin to actually understand our true nature and purpose. This is what Maureen has done for me.


Production Coordinator, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

I believe Maureen is a teacher of the teachers.

Chris Berlin

Instructor in Ministry, Harvard Divinity School

I’ve tried medication, acupuncture, I’ve read self-help books and the list goes on. While all of these things may have helped me in some small way, the huge turning point was talking with Maureen. I have been able to uncover a love so deeply intense and affectionate it can only come from above. And if that's not great enough, this love continues to grow and expand exactly how Maureen explains it. I have been able to connect with such a calm and peaceful feeling that I barely remember what depression feels like.

Maureen is an inspiration.

Judy Hudgens

Fire Fighter and Paramedic

Terms like ‘Synchronicity’ and ‘Perfect Orchestration’ were near vacant to me before I met Maureen. Now I blatantly see what before was unseen to me—I know the miraculous exists.

Keith Stevens

Sales Manager

Now you can experience the same support and direct teaching that was once only available to Maureen's personal clients.

 The Miracle
Meeting Place maintains the integrity of her one-to-one counseling, with the added benefit of an exuberant and ever-growing, conscious community.

What do members have access to in
The Miracle
Meeting Place?

Live Bi-Monthly Course Sessions with Maureen

Twice a month, Maureen broadcasts live to the members of the MMP to give a 60-90 minute talk on one specific aspect of miraculous living. Former topics have included:

  • Recognizing the Gift of Imperfection
  • Angels, Messengers of God
  • Cultivating Miraculous Abilities
  • How to Transcend Time
  • How to Access and Maintain Perpetual Joy
  • A Divine Love Affair
  • The Eternal Return: Transcending Death
  • A Crash Course in Miraculous Healing
  • How to Set and Attain Miraculous Goals
  • Accepting Absolute Abundance
  • The Eternal Laws of Enlightenment

The concept here is simple: You learn it and then you live it. Each gathering will equip you with strategies that you can put to use immediately for tangible results in your life. These aren't just lessons, but a practical approach to life that liberates.

Every gathering ends with a candid Q+A Session so you can engage directly with Maureen and your fellow MMP members.

Live Course Session Recordings

All of Maureen's Live Course Sessions are recorded and, as a member of the MMP, you'll have unlimited access to the entire archive. This is an incredible resource that you'll want to return to again and again. 

Is there a particular subject  that you want to hear Maureen speak on? Browse through the archive for exactly the topic you're looking for right now. There are over 80 recordings and counting!

Want to go back to watch that last Session that really resonated with you? It's in the archive.

Couldn't make it to participate in a Session live? The recording is there for you to catch up on, whenever you can.

Audio recordings of each Session are available to stream directly from the archive as well.

Live Q+A Sessions with Maureen

In addition to the short Q+A's following each Live Course gathering, MMP members have the opportunity to field their questions during these "Ask Maureen Anything" Sessions. 

If you're looking to go deeper, to find answers to the nagging questions that come up in your personal journey, these Sessions are not to miss. They're spontaneous, honest and an essential part of integrating what you learn here into your life.

In each riveting Sessions you will:

  • Get straightforward answers to questions that have kept you wondering for days or decades 
  • Learn from the inquiries of your fellow MMP Members and see first-hand that every personal experience is in fact a Universal experience 
  • Observe the nitty gritty of miraculous interpersonal psychology
  • Gain the tools to transcend life-long challenges and assure the greatest happiness for yourself and those you love. 

The Members Lounge

Grab a cup of tea, maybe a journal and a comfortable place under a tree or in your favorite chairthis part of the Miracle Meeting Place is where you can come to unwind. 

The Members Lounge is stocked with videos, music clips, inspired writings and enlightening quotes, all specifically curated by Maureen to compliment a miraculous orientation. Here you’ll find wisdom from masters like Paramahansa Yoganada, ThoreauMother TeresaRamana Maharshi, Krishna Murti, Voltaire, William Blake, Ananda Mayi Ma, Nisagardatta Maharaj, T.S Elliot, Meister Eckhart, Osho, John Keats, Sri Aurobindo and Theresa of Avila, just to name a few! The list goes on and will continue to grow.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, or a piece of inspiration to deeply meditate on, this is the perfect place to visit again and again.    

Community Meditations

Throughout your Miracle Meeting Place experience, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your practice through both guided and silent group meditations. 

A tangible power is generated where people gather together (even virtually) to set an intention and meditate. This is a practice for all MMP members, whether you're a novice or a life-long meditator. In this space, you will profoundly deepen and internalize all the concepts you have learned in the MMP, while benefitting from the  collective compounded energy of this extraordinary community you are a part of.

Volunteer Hot Seats

During each Live Course Session, members will have the opportunity to volunteer for a one-to-one open mentoring session with Maureen. Similar to a “hot seat”, you can bring any experience you find difficult, confusing or challenging in your life to this sacred space, and Maureen will help you dramatically shift your perception of the situation to experience a miracle right on the spot. These sessions are particularly valuable when there is a specific area of your life that you feel stuck in, unable to move on.

Via these captivating One-to-One mentoring sessions, Maureen invites you to connect with a new, expansive Consciousness—one that will transform your life very tangibly from the inside-out. You will:

  • Observe miracle principles being applied to real-life situations (either your own or others’) resulting in almost instantaneous results
  • Look closely at patterns and problems that have seemed to follow you your entire life, so that you can gain transformative insights and finally let them go.
  • See clearly what choices make you happiest and get the confidence to follow your heart in matters that have great bearing on your day-to-day success. 
  • Watch your mind and your entire life expand toward the horizon of infinite possibility.

Quite frankly, this is Maureen’s greatest gift and why people pay thousands of dollars for her to mentor them individually. These mentoring sessions are in and of themselves worth more than money can buy. Even when you are not in the “hot seat” yourself, you will experience epiphanies, profound insights and instantaneously grasp solutions to your own life challenges as revealed to you via her candid conversations with others. 

The Miracle Forum

As you apply what you learn in the Miracle Meeting Place to your life, you may want to touch-base with others who are experiencing the same journey, traversing the very same highs and lows. In the Miracle Forum you will find just that – solace, encouragement and companions who are ever-ready to share in your miracles and celebrate your successes.

The private forum gives you unlimited access to the online community, where you can chat, discuss the teachings, interact with and ask questions of like-minded people from around the world. This is about accessing the miraculous, together.

  • Miracle mastermind with others to amplify the power of your intentions and achieve heartfelt, true goals that bring about ultimate success in your life. 
  • Discover that real, kindred relationships are available to you and as natural as breathing in and out!
  • Team with others who are excited to support you in creating whatever best life you can imagine for yourself.
  • Hear real world examples of how miracles have touched others’ lives 
  • Create friendships and alliances that span your entire lifetime

   These important subjects include: 

                     * Prayer Requests

                     * Share Your Miracles!

           * Miracle Activists

This forum takes all the worry out of being good enough or knowing enough… No one is a master at this approach to living right away. Lasting change requires practice and ongoing support! Especially when it comes to staying focused on your new-found miraculous perspective. In the Miracle Forum, alongside your fellow members, you are reminded that the journey is every bit as profound and amazing as the destination! 

I have worked with hundreds of individual clients over the past 20 years and for much of that time I have had a vision to create a place where these bright souls and others could come to experience the ongoing support that is needed to maintain their burgeoning miraculous perspective. A place where they could meet other like-minded evolving souls and easily fraternize with authentic spiritual seekers as well as miraculous adepts.

I know from personal experience how challenging it can be to go it alone on a spiritual journey. I also know how exponentially fun, thrilling and vibrant the spiritual journey can be when embarked upon with like-minded others. Oftentimes while experiencing true transformation —the Ahas, the insights, the revelations—it can be a challenge to hold on to the new paradigm unless we anchor all that we’ve learned. It can be even more challenging finding the words to communicate to others what is often unspeakable and so deeply felt. 

This is the greatest benefit of the Miracle Meeting Place. Here it is a given that you will be able to experience your True Self —always within a safe haven—with the Full and Brilliant support of others. You will also be able to communicate openly with those who wholly appreciate you and who can embrace and celebrate your every newfound insight, experience, revelation and miracle.

And as a thank you for joining the Miracle Meeting Place, all new members will receive these free gifts...

#1 The 3 Most Powerful Prayers

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#2 God & Money: Manifesting Money Miraculously

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#3 The Anatomy of a Miracle

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A Message to You from Maureen Whitehouse, Creator of The Miracle Meeting Place

       (If you get to the end of this letter and feel “YES!” then you’ll know The Miracle Meeting Place is the right fit for you.)

Benefit #1 of the Course Here

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Benefit #2 of the Course

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Benefit #3 of the course

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How to find the perfect colour scheme for your pages or sites.  This branding tip will save you thousands in designer fees
Choosing the perfect fonts for your pages - this will have your pages looking professional with just a few clicks

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Marie D. 

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Sandra Brown

The Miracle Meeting Place

Don't forget, you get access to all these benefits:

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