#1 Best-selling author, awakened spiritual teacher, miracle worker and scholar, Maureen Whitehouse, combines her experience in the fields of psychology, mysticism and the miraculous to show you what is truly possible. Now she invites you to...


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.                                                                                                                                  - Albert Einstein

Life doesn't have to be a struggle...  

And living life as though it's a miracle is not just for geniuses like Einstein, or for saints like Mother Theresa or "special people".

You are not doomed to be a certain way for the rest of your life. A new approach is emerging, which empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose.

Thousands of people are now using these principles to change from the inside out. Once you tap the miraculous and truly change your mind, your life will never be the same!

Living a miraculous life, free of the common fears, confusion, angst and problems that seem typical and inherent in everyday life is an incredibly liberating experience.

Many have done it... perhaps that describes you.
If not... what's stopping you? In your heart of hearts you know there’s a
better way.

As an aware, spirited person who is conscious of the world’s many problems and cares deeply about the future of humanity, imagine the contribution you could make, the creativity you would express and the impact you could have on others if you began now to experience the miraculous life you so deeply deserve on a day-to-day basis.

Imagine what that would mean to your relationships, and the profound positive influence it would have on your lifestyle, your profession, your friends and family, your community and even the world.

It is possible for you to live an entirely miraculous life.

And since you’ve found yourself here on this page at this very moment… there is no reason for you not to be living the miraculous life you deserve to live, right now. Synchronicities are just another name for miraculous order. So right now, since you are here reading this, you must be ready to unleash your full miraculous potential to experience all of the joy and richness of life you were born to experience. It most likely means you are willing to surrender your resistance to living an effortless and grace-filled life. That you are determined to do whatever it takes to develop the skills, practices and mindset that allow for miracles to be not only a natural but expected part of your every day life.

What you are about to discover has helped hundreds around the world overcome lifelong illness, struggle and pain to completely transform unsatisfying relationships, jobs and crippling financial difficulties. They are practical, tried and true tactics that can radically shift your awareness and transform your life into a genuinely miraculous one of ease, balance, deep fulfillment and purpose.

And now you can access these same secrets—anywhere you wish—and tap into the power of miracles in your own life... faster and easier than you ever thought possible!




Dear Friend,

If you are experiencing unhappiness—anything from boredom and frustration to crippling doubt and fears—then this will be a very eye-opening letter for you.

Here’s why:

My name is Maureen Whitehouse.

I’m a bestselling, award-winning author and founder of The Axiom Institute.

For the last 20 years I’ve helped people just like you—bright, competent creative individuals—who are in the midst of challenges, adversity and pain, to address their specific life struggles and experience a radical shift in awareness that completely frees them from suffering.

I’m known for being someone who creates miracle workers by teaching people the science of practical mysticism for everyday life.

I am also known by some (such as instructors at the Harvard Divinity School) as “a teacher of the teachers.”

But, this is not about me, it’s about you.

So let me be frank and honest with you now about how YOU may feel when it comes to miracles…

First, although you might want to experience miracles, you might also be wondering if they can actually exist FOR YOU. This is a very common concern.

Millions of Americans and others around the world have felt frustration, disbelief and even downright skepticism when faced with the prospect of experiencing this phenomenon known as the miraculous in their own life.

And it seems that, just when you desperately need those miracles the most, doubt and skepticism weigh the heaviest on your mind.


Maybe doubt isn't the only feeling standing in your way. You might have also experienced the following…

  • You think that your current experience is so far from being miraculous that you’re just not “miracle material.”
  • Perhaps you’ve already experienced miracles in some areas of your life but still struggle to maintain a positive and miraculously-oriented perspective on a day-to-day basis, especially in the face of lack and limitation. (The good news here is that you are not alone! This is often the case for even the most spiritually adept.)
  • You sometimes feel that you are stuck on a merry-go-round, facing the same insurmountable challenges and problems over and over. (Again, good news! There’s a reason for that, and once you discover it you will feel an enormous sense of relief and empowerment that will propel you out of that rut for good, and into your best life.)



  • You may feel positive and optimistic for the most part, but still find yourself getting annoyed or upset by little things.
  • You’re not sure why, but thinking about your future makes you feel somewhat anxious or depressed.
  • You get on a positive, healthy roll and then seemingly out of the blue you self-sabotage by making choices that are out of alignment with who you feel you really are.
  • You feel overburdened by all the obligations and responsibilities you take on in an effort to be seen as “the nice guy/girl.”
  • You feel too busy to be spiritual—it’s a luxury that isn’t feasible unless you plan to spend your days in a monastery, or on a mountaintop.
  • No matter how hard you try, you fail. You’ve come so close to reaching the pinnacle of success only to fall flat on your face, or even worse: you have attained your highest goals in life, yet still feel cavernously empty.

These challenges are real to many people. I’m not saying they aren't. But I want to assure you right now that there is a better way. You just haven't know how to access it.

Ask yourself this... 
Why is it that - in spite of all your spiritual seeking and years of following self-help advice and decades of work on yourself - you still haven't attained the sense of deep spiritual satisfaction and peace you deserve?




Everyone—your friends, neighbors, parents, siblings—are experiencing a cultural conditioning which has us believing we are separate from one another and from the whole. This thought alone is enough to drive anyone into despair.  



It is just such a false belief that causes all the pain in your life (and in the world, for that matter) by barring the door to miracles and HIDING your miraculous nature.

So instead of making choices based on who you really are—from your Divine Nature, your most miraculous self—you make them from a limited and separate version of yourself.

This Is The Ego, Or The Voice Of Separation…


Though we may not realize it, we often let the ego’s needs and desires dictate how we live our lives.

Yet it’s these ego-driven choices that lead us astray the most, keeping us from finding true meaning in life. On a “detour” like that, it’s no wonder so many people feel empty no matter how hard they work at it.

So how can you tell when you’re getting off track and your letting your ego take control?

Maybe you can relate to some of the following…

  • Are you stressed out and anxious?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about and reacting to the past more than you enjoy the present?
  • Do people and situations in your life constantly anger or overwhelm you?
  • Do you feel an ever-present sense of scarcity, no matter how much or how little you actually have?
  • Do you want to trust and have faith in a divine power, but just can’t seem to let go of control?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then here is your stop sign.

It’s time to veer off the ego’s detour, and get back on track to your best life now. It is time to let the miracles you’ve been holding at bay enter front and center.

Once you are operating from your True Self, instead of from the ego, you will feel a sense of ease and natural authenticity in your life. Miracles will begin to become more and more evident, paving the way for you each and every day.

How would you like to experience that amazing reality?

How would you like to feel good about yourself, peaceful, joyful, creative and on track in your life?



So now it’s important that you know…

Any problems, misfortunes, terror, pain, challenges, addictions, unhealthy habits, anxiety, stress and overwhelm you feel is not your fault and there is a better easier way.

This isn’t denial.

This isn’t a cop-out.

Moving forward, you will still take responsibility for your actions and for the choices you make.

Here’s Your Bottom Line…

It’s time to release yourself from that mis-identity and the heartbreaking story of “not enough”.

You can turn the tides forever and experience yourself floating downstream, instead of needlessly struggling against the current.  But how?

You may be surprised to discover that it isn’t complicated at all. In fact, the process to freeing yourself and living miraculously can be described in two simple steps…

  • 1

    Make a bold and brave decision right now to disengage yourself from the disastrous cultural conditioning that has you thinking you are limited, isolated and doomed to struggle through life all on your own.

  • 2

    Explore a new approach to life by learning the skills, practices and tools of miraculous living.


It’s really that simple and uncomplicated. Truly.

Even better is the fact that because you are here now reading these words, you have already begun and you are well on your way to manifesting a miraculous life for yourself.




You know that miracles can and do occur for other people. Now if you want to experience those miracles for yourself, if you want to experience a true spiritual reawakening, and the kind of miracles you never thought possible, then I have something very, very special for you…

Introducing, the Brand New…Miracle Meeting Place

The Miracle Meeting Place Is The Exclusive Online Membership Site Where We Expect Miracles, So Miracles Happen!


All of the insights, ideas, practical guidance and personal support you will receive in The Miracle Meeting Place will bring you to greater happiness, health, peace and prosperity than you have ever experienced. When you join The Miracle Meeting Place today, you will experience everything I’ve learned and put to practice in my own life – as a dedicated spiritual practitioner, Harvard trained theologian, and 20 year spiritual counselor working with people just like you – to experience the results you want. Your entire life will expand to move beyond limited beliefs toward the horizon of greatest possibility for your life. 

The Miracle Meeting Place is hosted by me personally and offers you all of the same information found in my award-winning and best selling books and Axiom programs.

All of the strategies and breakthrough information has been broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can go through at your own pace, in a way that is most specifically conducive to your own individual awakening. You won’t be alone in this, in fact I will be going through everything with you live one-to-one.  We're doing these course sessions live so you can interact with me and the other participants and so you will never be alone on your journey to experience full awakening and restoration.

Take a look below to see what we've prepared for you with this offering.

I welcome you to this exceptional experience with all of my heart!

Abundant Blessings,





Live Course Sessions with Maureen



The Live Course Sessions with Maureen are the heart and soul of The Miracle Meeting Place. Hosted on our exclusive membership site, these bi-monthly webinars provide you with the opportunity to engage directly with Maureen to discover your highest calling and activate your most abundant, creative, successful life.

During these sessions, you and your fellow course participants will:

  • Realize your latent power to generate miracles and heal yourself and those you love so you can experience the true joy you were created for.
  • Open your mind, heart and will to receive exuberant grace, which will make all areas of your life feel clear, well-balanced and energized.
  • Discover powerful techniques you can use immediately to neutralize anger so you won’t have to go to a therapist or be stuck in a terrible relationship.
  • Take complete control of your emotions to not only keep them positive, but entirely transcendent of negativity and worry to finally get out of despair and discomfort.
  • Learn how to rise above mistakes and fears of the past to build loving relationships that endure and have you always feeling supported and loved.



At the core of these intuitive mentoring sessions are profound and timeless teachings that incorporate the Miraculous into your everyday experience. These are strategies that you can put to use immediately to experience tangible results. They’re not just lessons, but a practical approach to life that liberates! Prepare to receive the very best support in your personal attainment of the miraculous that has ever been offered to you – free of jargon or complexity, ready to be put into immediate action.

  • You will also have access to recordings of ALL the Live Course Sessions via The Miracle Meeting Place membership site. This is an especially invaluable tool to utilize for inspiration or at times of specific challenge and stress.


Live Q & A  Sessions



The Live Q & A Sessions act as a follow-up to the Live Course Sessions with Maureen. They will allow you to go deeper, finding specific answers to your questions about miracles and the path to achieving greater health, happiness and prosperity.

During these live “Ask Maureen Anything” webinars, Maureen will field any questions you and your fellow course participants have in order to help you truly integrate and apply miracle principles in your life. This is an exceptional forum for gaining clarity on the specific tools and practices that are proven to most effectively liberate your miraculous potential. 

During the Live Q & A Sessions you will:

  • Get straightforward answers to questions that have kept you wondering for decades, so that you can finally reach a state of true and lasting inner peace.
  • Discover tips that will enable you to transcend life-long challenges and assure the greatest happiness for yourself and those you love.
  • Explore the foundation of interpersonal psychology to be able to upend and transcend the unconscious patterns and beliefs that have undermined your happiness, for good!

With the support of these Live Q & A Sessions, your questions will soon
become knowledge and your uncertainty will give way to
endless opportunities to experience grace. 

  • You will also have access to recordings of ALL the Q & A sessions in the membership site. This is extremely valuable because you will want to listen to them again and again.


Immediate Access to the Member's Lounge



Grab a cup of tea, perhaps a journal and a comfortable place under a tree or on your favorite chair - this part of the membership site is where you can come to unwind.

The Member's Lounge is stocked and waiting for you with some of Maureen’s favorite videos, music clips, inspired writings and enlightening quotes. 

It is a thoughtfully curated and diverse collection, representing wisdom from masters such as Paramahansa Yoganada, Ramana Maharshi, Thoreau, Mother Theresa, Ananda Mayi Ma, T.S Elliot, Voltaire, Meister Eckhart, Nisagardatta Maharaj, William Blake, John Keats, Sri Aurobindo, Krishna Murti, Osho and Theresa of Avila. The list goes on and on, and will continue to grow week by week, month by month and year by year!

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, or a piece of inspiration to deeply meditate on, this is the perfect place to visit again and again.


One-To-One Miracle Mentoring



As a Miracle Meeting Place member, you will have the opportunity to volunteer for an open one-to-one mentoring session with Maureen. This is something that Maureen does not usually offer, and that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars to gain access to as one of her private clients.

An open one-to-one mentoring session is similar to a “hot seat." Bring any experience you find difficult, confusing or challenging in your life to this sacred space, and Maureen will help you dramatically shift your perception of the situation to experience a miracle right on the spot.

These sessions are particularly valuable when there is a specific area of your life that you feel stuck in, unable to move on.

Via these captivating mentoring sessions, you are invited to connect with a new, expansive Consciousness—one that will transform your life very
tangibly from the inside-out.


Instant Access to the Community Forum



Our forum gives you unlimited access to The Miracle Meeting Place community, where you can chat, discuss the teachings, interact and share experiences with like-minded people from around the world. This is about accessing the miraculous, together.

As you apply what you learn in the Live Course Sessions and Q & As, you will want to touch-base with others who are experiencing the same journey - traversing the very same highs and lows. In our community form you will find solace, encouragement and companions who are ever-ready to share in your miracles and celebrate your successes.

The Miracle Meeting Place Community Forum is a Place to:

  • Miracle mastermind with others to amplify the power of your intentions and achieve heartfelt, true goals that bring about ultimate success in your life.
  • Discover that real, kindred relationships are available to you and are as natural as breathing in and out!
  • Team with others who are excited to support you in creating whatever best life you can imagine for yourself.
  • Hear real world examples of how miracles have touched others’ lives.
  • Feel blessed in creating friendships and alliances that last the rest of your lifetime.

As soon as you sign up to become a member of The Miracle Meeting Place, you gain immediate access to the forum and the enthralling, ever-evolving conversations that happen there. Topics include Prayer Requests, Share Your Miracles! and Miracle Activists

Let's Access the Miraculous, Together



Maureen has worked with hundreds of individual clients
one-to-one over the past 20 years. Inspired by those bright souls, Maureen wanted to create a place where committed people could come to experience the ongoing support that is needed to maintain a burgeoning miraculous perspective. A place where they can meet other like-minded, evolving souls and easily fraternize with authentic spiritual seekers as well as miraculous adepts.

 But that’s not all this experience will offer...

The greatest benefit of The Miracle Meeting Place, is that here it is a given you will be able to experience your True Self—always within a safe haven—with the Full and Brilliant support of others. You will be invited to communicate openly with those who wholly appreciate you, and who can embrace and celebrate your every newfound insight, experience, revelation and miracle.

That is a gift beyond measure.

If You Want to Be Part of This Rare and Exceptional Experience...

There Are Two Ways To Join The Miracle Meeting Place

  • OPTION #1: Founding Friend Yearly Membership

The discounted Founding Friend Miracle Meeting Place yearly membership is the most economical option for joining The Miracle Meeting Place that you will ever find.

It gives you all of the benefits of full membership to The Miracle Meeting Placeincluding bonuses and future discounts on Axiom programs and servicesat $200 off the soon-to-be full price of $999/year for membership.

You Will Receive: 

  • Live Monthly Miracle Meditations
  • Access The Miracle Meeting Place Exclusive Members Area and Forum where Maureen will personally answer questions and chat with members
  • Exclusive and Unannounced Members Only Specials and Discounts in the Axiom Online Store
  • Access to the Miracle Members Lounge where you’ll get to relax, unwind and hang out while exploring the inspired audios, videos and writings of the world’s most profound poet-seers, miracle workers, saints and sages of all spiritual traditions
  • A Touch and Taste of the Miraculous with Priority Access to Live events & World-wide Miracle Journeys with Maureen…(these incredible once-in-a lifetime opportunities sell out fast! You will get priority) Imagine yourself joining Maureen to both acclaimed and little-known spiritual havens throughout the world… On these adventures you join Maureen and fellow miracle workers on the adventure of a lifetime.
  • OPTION #2: Founding Friend Monthly Membership

The discounted Founding Friend Miracle Meeting Place monthly option allows you to sign up for monthly recurring payments at $79/monthonly slightly higher than the $799 cost of the yearly Founding Friend membership. 

This option also gives you all of the benefits of full membership to The Miracle Meeting Placeincluding bonuses and future discounts on Axiom programs and servicesat $20/month off the future full price of  $99/month for membership.



What does that mean? It means that right now, ONLY if you join during this limited time pre-launch period, your Miracle Meeting Place membership will include lifetime access to all of the above features and benefits at the locked in,
discounted price of $799 a year or $79 a month.

After this special, membership fees will increase 20% to $999 a year or $99 a month. 

$799 Per Year
 OR $79 Per Month, FOR LIFE…

This price covers the time and overhead needed to managing our beautiful membership site, and insures that only serious people join, who are truly ready to commit to experiencing a miraculous life now.

This is an investment in yourself and in your future. 

In fact, it is impossible for you to lose because any exposure to the miraculous is better than none!

So Whichever Option You Choose—Whether the Yearly or Monthly
Membership—Do Choose One! You Don't Want To Miss Another Day of
Experiencing An Abundance of Miracles In Your Life.

YES! Give Me Access To The Miracle Meeting Place Now As A Founding Friend Member

Yearly Membership$799 - Two Months Free!
Monthly Membership$79 Month-to-Month




Bonus #1: The 3 Most Powerful Prayers




When you join The Miracle Meeting Place, you will most likely want to experience miracles right away – even before our first live meeting. So immediately upon registration you will receive this amazing, one-of-a-kind Miracle Kick-starter as a gift from Maureen’s heart to yours.

These are the Three Most Powerful Prayers taught by Jesus, the Master Miracle Worker himself, as revealed in A Course in Miracles. Accompanying this special collection are some profound practice pointers from Maureen, so that you'll know exactly how to best use these prayers for profound results.

Also included are a few more of Maureen’s personal favorites: tried-and-true miracle inducing prayers that have “magnetized and magnified great grace” into her own life again and again.


Bonus #2: God and Money - A Video Workshop


Think of the many things you could do with unlimited abundance… how profoundly you could gift the world with your gifts!

This bonus is worth the entire yearly price of admission to The Miracle Meeting Place, and then some. Once you begin to practice the tips offered you in this workshop, the amount of money you have invested in The Miracle Meeting Place will come back to you tenfold.  

No matter what your life situation is right now, during this workshop Maureen will show you how to miraculously:

  • Heal Your Core Relationship with Money
  • Achieve Financial Success and Freedom Through Powerful and Magnetic Meditation Techniques
  • Realize Your Full Potential for Success and Happiness and What That Really Means for You

With the inspired information imparted to you in God and Money, you will have the potential to exceed all of your previous levels of accomplishment. You will  open your mind and heart to do, have and be more than you may have ever imagined. Everything Maureen will impart to you in this video workshop has been personally tested and proven in the crucible of her own life. 

There has never been a better or more opportune time for you to experience happiness, freedom, success and financial freedom than this very moment. All you need to do to accomplish all of that is learn the steps to manifesting money miraculously and then put what you learn into action. 

It’s as easy as that and with God and Money you will have the inspiration and the tools to do it!

This is the Blueprint to Manifesting Unlimited Abundance...
Now Instantly and Exclusively Available to Members
of the Miracle Meeting Place.


Bonus #3: Priority Access to Maureen's Miracle Journeys


Each Year, Maureen hosts Miracle Journeys to sacred spiritual sites around the world – most of which have been private, invitation-only retreats. 

As a member of the Miracle Meeting Place, you will have the opportunity to join your fellow members on one (or more!) of these incredible journeys.

You will soon discover how inspirational spending time with like-minded souls in The Miracle Meeting Place can be... Just imagine meeting your fellow miracle workers face-to-face in breath-taking, sacred spaces. This is an incredible opportunity!

Our Miracle Journeys are led in some of the holiest destinations on earth,
and they are always full of miraculous surprises.

As a special bonus for joining The Miracle Meeting Place now, you will also receive a 10% discount on our next Miracle Journey in September, 2018. For this once in a lifetime Miracle Journey Maureen will be your personal guide to "The Olympics of Food" at the Slow Food Terra Madre event in Turin Italy where you will enjoy a 4 day conscious eating jubilee then onto the United Nations Award winning eco-spiritual community of Damanhur for a spiritual retreat like none other.

During this journey you will be staying at a beautiful eco-luxury hotel directly next to the famed and sacred Shroud of Turin and then within the lovely organic oasis of the Damanhur Community.  Maureen very mindfully hand-picked this destination and it promises to be one of our best, most powerful and life-changing journeys to date.

  • If you find you can’t make this 2018 Miracle Journey for any reason, no problem. You can transfer your 10% discount to any future trip… They are all exceptional!

Maureen's Miracle Journeys have a hard and fast limit on the number of people who can join, but as a member of the Miracle Meeting Place, you will be given priority registration.  

Past Miracle Journeys have included:

  • The Sacred Temples of China and Tibet
  • Northern India’s Himalayan Pilgrimage Sites
  • Southern India’s Temples and Holiest Enclaves
  • Mary Magdalene’s Most Blessed Haunts in England and France
  • St. Francis’s Assisi (Italy)
  • St. Theresa’s Avila (Spain)
  • St. Bernadette’s Highly Miraculous Lourdes (France)
  • Hildegard of Bingen’s Most Exquisite Spiritual Sanctuary in Germany
  • Coptic Egypt
  • Jerusalem’s Holy Land

You Deserve This! The World Deserves This!

You are entitled to awaken to your life’s purpose and to own that you are Miraculous now.

Join Maureen in The Miracle Meeting Place today, and tap your innate
potential for accessing consciousness and freedom on EVERY level.

When you click one of the buttons below you will receive ALL the features and bonuses listed on this page, AND you will LOCK IN this special Founding Friend Discount Rate
for Life… Only $79 Per Month Or $799 Per Year.

YES! Give Me Access To The Miracle Meeting Place Now As A Founding Friend Member

Yearly Membership$799 - Two Months Free!
Monthly Membership$79 Month-to-Month

One Last Message from Maureen:

I have put my heart and soul into creating The Miracle Meeting Place for just one reason:

Ever since I woke up and left behind a life of pain and suffering for good in 1996, I have been on fire with an intense desire to share my experience with others. That day I learned irrevocably that Miracles are real and I was convinced that anyone who applied even a fraction of what I discovered to their lives could bring about rapid, positive change.

I know the principles behind The Miracle Meeting Place work for two major reasons. First, I live them. Second, I’ve taught them to thousands of individuals and they have worked for every single person who has seriously applied the ideas in their own life.

The tools I will impart to you in our Miracle Meetings are the very same strategies I have shared with all of my personal clients, from every day people to preeminent leaders in business, health and wellness to corporate CEOs, as well as doctors and psychotherapists.  

This information is practical, but profoundly revelatory and heart-opening. During our time together, I will guide you through exercises and experiences that will empower you to live deliberately, in a constant state of grace. That is my most basic goal – to position you in an effortless, enduring, miraculous state of grace.

Much Love and Abundant Blessings,


All the insights, ideas, practical guidance and personal support you will receive in The Miracle Meeting Place are specifically designed to bring you greater happiness, health, peace and prosperity than you have ever experienced.  

As you apply The Miracle Meeting Place tools,  teachings and principles to your life, you will see miraculous improvements in yourself, your situation and the people around you. Your entire life will expand to move beyond limiting beliefs toward the horizon of limitless possibility.

Yearly Membership$799 - Two Months Free!
Monthly Membership$79 Month-to-Month


If for any reason at all you find that The Miracle Meeting Place is not for you, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund 100% of your money.

You have a full 30 days to try out this experience and see if it’s right for you. If for any reason—or no reason at
—you aren’t delighted with your results, and the many shifts in awareness and miracles you are experiencing, then just let us know within 30 days and we will gladly refund your every penny. No questions asked.

We Can’t Wait To Serve You!

See You On The Inside ♥

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