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Conscious Couples

A Four-Part Audio Guide to the True Art of Soulful Relationship



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"All of my life I’ve been looking for this information… now I finally feel free to live the life I’ve always wanted to live, out loud and fully, but intimately and passionately with another. Heaven on Earth here we come…"

Brian Cousco

Join Maureen Whitehouse for Conscious Couples, and you will learn how to:

Attract and sustain the kind of loving partnership you most deeply desire
Amplify intimacy
Embrace radical honesty
Balance the needs for closeness and autonomy
Communicate in positive, productive ways that stop disagreements and arguments cold
Use passion to access creativity, self-realization and unbridled joy

What people are saying about Maureen and her work...

"We can hear the same teachings over and over, but sometimes it is not until that one special soul, that miracle worker, comes into our life and delivers the message in a way that ‘hits home’ that we begin to actually understand our true nature and purpose. This is what Maureen has done for me."


Production Coordinator, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

"What Maureen offers is nothing short of life-changing – a new way of thinking, a new vision. The only requirement is wanting to see things differently – to recognize that there must be a better way. Maureen helped us to open the door to our hearts and let Love in. Expect miracles!”

Timothy Maynard

IT Professional

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