Every Miracle Meeting Place gathering begins with a guided meditation. Explore this collection of all the MMP meditations Maureen has shared over the years.
Miracle Mastery
The videos in this category shed light on Miracle Mastery, the third step in awakening to a miraculous life. Now you Expand into the role of being the Master of your Universe – creating deliberately and consciously with astonishing vision and unlimited potential. You will feel an inner sense of deep success and balance that affords you a broader, longer view of your future. This expansive view stimulates your desire to serve humanity and to become a spark, a magnet, a force for change.
Miracle Matrixing
The videos in this category explore Miracle Matrixing, the second step in awakening to a miraculous life. Once you realize that miracles are everywhere present, it is imperative for you to Embody all you know to be true. Here you will learn to matrix the miraculous as you take spiritual truths from conceptual to real-life lived experience. Such congruency in all areas of your life deepens your connection with yourself and others and allows you to manifest your authentic goals more quickly and elegantly.
Miracle Mindedness
The videos in this category dive into Miracle Mindedness, the first step in awakening to a miraculous life. Every experience you have, no matter how unsettling, is a miracle in the making. These videos will show you how to Embrace your life, just as it is, to recognize the miraculous that is happening to you and for you right now. This is a radical but small shift in perception that allows you to live a truly elegant life.