Celebrating Who You Really Are

So much of our spiritual evolution and self-discovery is fueled by one, ultimate question: “Who am I?”

Do you know the answer to that question? Without relying on the labels you have been given or the roles you fulfill to other people in your life, do you really know who you are?

In this fascinating Miracle Meeting Place event, Maureen teaches several hands-on exercises that can help you answer that question with more clarity than ever before. These simple exercises or “experiments” were created by Douglas Harding, the 20th century philosopher behind a method called The Headless Way. This is a deeply insightful approach to self-discovery and Maureen introduces it to you here, as yet another tool to support your spiritual awakening.

Give yourself some time and space to practice these exercises, and you will feel yourself disengaging from the separate identification of the ego to have a direct experience of connection to All That Is.

Also in this video:

  • How identifying with your vast True Nature will impact all of your personal and “special” relationships
  • See and relating to the world as children do – as we all naturally did when we were born
  • The wisdom of Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Dissolving fear
  • Experience God as “closer to you than your own heartbeat”
  • Understanding the Tao Te Ching
  • Passages from A Course In Miracles
  • I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Audio Only:

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